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  • Shipping Speakers at reasonable price

    I recently sold speakers and need to get a reasonable priced shipping quote from a freight service. The problem I'm running into is one that offers insurance for the value of the speakers. My speakers I sold for $10k, and each box is 54"Height x 28" Width x 16" Length, each box weighs 125 pounds. I looked at YRC which is reasonable, but they don't offer full insurance based on the weight. It seems like dealers have discounts which enables them to ship at more reasonable costs, but need help with a one time ship. Any help? Or if there are any dealers out there that would be so kind to use their service, I would help compensate and add some money for allowing me to use their service. Need to ship the speakers out the end of this upcoming week.

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    Imagine my set lol
    analog stuff.
    otari mtr 10 2 track 1/4 made new by soren
    otari mtr 10 2 track 1/4 1/2 combo made new by soren
    sota sapphire used eminent tech ver 2 arm
    new sota nova table has magnetic levitation platter and full speed control and latest motor same arm as above
    thorens td124 sme ver 2 arm
    thorens td125 sme ver 2 arm
    kenwood direct drive sme ver 2 arm
    phono preamp Ml no 25 all re capped
    speakers cust infinity IRS V , new caps and LPS , magnets etc.
    mark levivson pre no 26 amps no 33
    digital three cust servers , win ser 2016 , AO
    Dacs lampi various


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      Shame fright shippers can't ship like I ship my cars, via Reliable Carriers. They treat my cars like its their own.
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        I have used Craters and Freighters several times to crate and ship huge fully insured speakers (over $10K) ...There is no such thing as cheap when shipping fully insured freight..Reasonable maybe, in the eye or pocketbook of the beholder?
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          I have successfully used Mainfreight for my last 6 shipmnets, including a pair of Avalon Eidelon. Very competitively priced and a pleasure to work with.
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            I shipped my Wilson Maxx 2 across Canada for about $400 uninsured. But the quality of the cases is superb and i expect you could drop one off the tail gate without damaging a speaker (and that was 1100 lbs. of speakers in 3 boxes).
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              Wow, it cost me $2000 to ship my Magicos from Hayward to NYC! You dating the daughter of owner of the freight company? 😉 The insurance had to be the difference.