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    Cool little blurb in the WSJ about Jeffrey Jackson's latest venture...

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    Check out the video on Wheel Fi's home page. Lot more to the speakers and equipment than meets the eye!

    Mark, have you heard the speakers?
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
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      Originally posted by MylesBAstor
      Check out the video on Wheel Fi's home page. Lot more to the speakers and equipment than meets the eye!

      Mark, have you heard the speakers?

      Not yet. Hoping to make the pilgrimage to upstate NY this summer or fall. The video is really badass...I love the look of the equipment.


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        The shape of the horns reminds me of the stuff that OMA has been selling. The video is extremely cool- hi-tech meets the early 20th Century- very Dr. Frankenlab meets bearded lumber guys in flannel. Sign me up! I assume those are field coils they are making, not the compression drivers? Tres cool.
        I got the chance to see an original 'full stack' of vintage WE amplification when we visited the Culpeper facility of the LOC. One channel, taller than me, of old analog dials, ancient tubes, and heavy metal work. This is like watching somebody build a brass era car- like a Silver Ghost.


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          Jeffrey is a really great down to earth guy. Totally into audio for the love of music. He has definitely widened my musical horizons and we definitely share a sound and gear aesthetic.


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            The Wheel Fi video is superb: a model for what cutting-edge marketing can do for the high end. Artisanal values, Arts and Crafts aesthetic meets the architectural high road. Grubby in a way, but smart, hard-headed, and practical. Pencils before computers, but CAD at the end of the day. Blue-collar, shop-class-as-soulcraft values with high-end listening in mind. I like it a lot and want to know more.

            But how will this stuff sound? And will any of it fit in realistic spaces (apartments, non-1-percent houses, etc.).
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