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  • For male audiophiles only...

    After being an active audiophile, who frequently buys & sells audio equipment and NOS audio vacuum tubes, I am going to share a secret with you that has held true for decades. Most people assume the the best time to trade audio gear is prior to Xmas, WRONG!
    The best time to trade audio gear is tax time, which is approaching, the IRS will begin accepting tax returns, which must be filed electronically on January 29th, 2018.
    Why? My theory is that women have a lot to say about the Xmas budget, but don't really pay much attention to tax refunds!
    I have many great older NOS tubes for sale, please contact me at my email address: or call Cary at 719-930-6157, if you are looking for some great deals on NOS audio tubes!

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    I do not usually get a refund, usually I have to send more money, what kind of deal do you have for people like me? LOL
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      I never get a refund ether, but there is a notable move up in audio equipment around tax time


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        Refund, LOLOLOLOLOLOL , I pay each year.

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