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  • Less can be more enjoyable

    In my home I have few ways to play my music god bless digital playback and it’s tremendous versatility
    one device I have is a jam symphony esialy selected from roon. Point is going through some stones albums in bed the jam box sits ona shelf right above my bed.
    I can pick an album and they al sound great 👍 the price we pay for hi res hi quality reproduction makes me wonder
    Wtf was I thinking all these years
    way back when when I bought my first set of infinity speakers RS1B is when I first went digital I felt I had to coz they made my TT sound so bad. Makes me wonder was this the first turn off the road from bliss.
    How do others feel here ?

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    This Peter Qvortrup interview w/his time lines connected with some of my feelings also ...


    • don
      don commented
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      Great article and I completely agree with his conclusions

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    Wow what a great article and how many here who will read it will find faults in it. Sure reads well thanks this I am going t share


    • Richard Austen
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      I am an Audio Note fan but of course you can find faults in it because it largely depends where you are coming from. Take SACD - I know Peter hates SACD. He views SACD to be the most homogeneous sounding format (only computer audio playback is worse).

      How many people right off the bat will say - "what - SACD and Computer hires is better than CD"?

      But Peter's views come from his system and his CD player and his amps and speakers and his experience with the formats. How many people have heard his $200,000 Redbook CD player versus a top of the line SACD player in the same room back to back to be able to judge? Not me.

      If one accepts the premise that if his CD replay is truly the best in the world by a vast margin then perhaps it IS better - and if that is hypothetically the case then you it is very easy to accept his views in this article. And that would follow with LP etc.

      Specifically to digital - Computer playback is so convenient it's ridiculous - play anything anytime - drives are cheap - choose a DAC you like. And I have zero nostalgia factor - I am 44 and grew up with SS amps and CeeeeDeeee.

      I have computer playback via Line Magnetic 502CA (it is both SS and tube with a selector for which one you want) and uses an ESS Sabre 32/192 chip - so pretty modern and sounds good (only in tube mode).

      Still - we have lost something along the way with the way music is delivered and the experience - and I can't get passed the fact that CD via CD transport of good quality sounds better than ANY computer audio geared up and oversampling DAC that I've heard. And for way way less money.

      I just bought an LP. I doubt I will pay for another High Res download.

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    Of course I found faults in his article but faults sometimes are our own views not facts for all. Is there an inprovemt in hinrez over redbook yes of course but given all must be on an even playing field. And it’s really the case if his cd plays both red book and sacd it’s a closer observation but even then if the dac section does pcm better than dsd it’s not. I play almost always from my servers as such All music is played in the exact same setup. There is no doubt red book is better than mp3 and so on up. But if the recording is a dog 🐕 it’s still a dog. But there is plenty of truth in his comments too. Just as a side note even the format we play our pcm in matters plenty weather you know it or not. Flac Comp is not as good as non Comp
    wav 64 has virtues wav does not
    digital is complex and many many facets


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      Many like analog for the sound only as many like digital it is not as simple as one sound verses another.
      Analog came first will tape was great it never ruled the way records did .
      The used tape market is tiny compared to the used record market.
      Many of us have thousands of hours of music on tape or records so we stay with that format.
      For myself I like buying records and I buy them in a store not on line 99% of the time.
      Digital has great feature especially downloads in storage space is not a problem the foot print is tiny.
      A couple of points that are not great for digital are loss of files say backup all you like their are more stories of lost collections on digital than analog.
      Analog had reel to reel , records , 8 track Cassettes thats about it.
      Digital seems to have a new one every time you turn around, ( it may not be as bad as it seems looking in from the outside)
      Using your iPhone to look up a song and play it is cool and has appeal
      Sound verses Sound pick your poison
      storage goes to digital
      collecting goes to analog investment wise
      keeping music for many years Analog

      If you want to take bit coins and buy down loads to play thru your iPhone and earbuds.
      Well enjoy
      I like the listing chair the speakers the glow of amps the turntable the wall of records the music the drink in hand.

      Maybe I am out of my time slot todays pretend money to buy pretend collections to keep in a pretend cloud to play on a phone and earbuds to pretend it is music will walking in front of a real car I have never been hit by a car in my living room.

      I do not hold it against anyone who goes digital or analog both can sound good and both can sound bad.

      In these type of analog verses digital few mention the hours spent converting files and problems with formatting

      By the way the best music is live


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        I never was the guy who sits Ina chair for long periods of time . Perhaps it’s why my room is the entire apartment any where I go is a great seat 💺. But if I am going to crticle listen then yes the couch but that is only for imaging
        and channel balance. After that where I am from my seat of 18 feet back to 18 feet more to end it does change perspective but not quality


        • adeep42
          adeep42 commented
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          I feel exactly the same way and do exactly what you do.

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        Originally posted by Alrainbow View Post
        Wow what a great article and how many here who will read it will find faults in it. Sure reads well thanks this I am going t share
        Unless Peter has found a way to defeat Reed-Solomon ECC with his CD playback, I am NOT buying what he is selling. Has PETER heard the best Comp Audio playback with appropriate software solutions for Jitter and clock limitations?


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          I spent at least two years ripping and archiving my entire music collection to hard drives (in ALAC format). Especially tiresome was my large Grateful Dead live collection (just about every show/song needed to be manually tagged). It was a labor of love though. After all of that, I have found out that my CD player does indeed sound better running straight into my old DAC. Especially on MoFi and other audiophile labels. It's 95% 16 bit. Makes me wonder why I ever did what I did. But using a server is still fun for when you don't want to sit in one spot and at least I've got multiple hard drive back ups of everything!
          TT: ATLP120 w/mods> Emotiva XPS-1 Gen 2
          Carts- Denon 103, Shure M35x (various Jico options), LP Gear CF3600le
          Line Stage: McCormack Micro Line Drive (passive)
          Pwr Amp: Adcom 535 Gen 1 modified. GFA545
          Speakers: Mirage M7Si
          Digital: JRiver 20 Windows 10 server, Adcom GDA-700, Denon DTR2000G DAT
          Tuner- Sangean HD1 (w/ 12db attenuates)
          Headphones: Stax SR5, SR34, Sennheisser Momentum
          Cables: Kimber PBJ/8VS. Transparent Music Link/Musicwave.


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            If your CD player sounds better or as good as your server I would think there is something possible we wrong with the server setup. Now of you love it enjoy it.