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Understanding isolation Verses draining

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  • Understanding isolation Verses draining

    this topic is about what we do to limit both physical and acoustic isolation of our audio products
    to my understanding there are atleast two kinds of this.
    One being isolation
    the second being draining

    lets start woth tubes the most obvois , tube microphonics
    we all who use tubes have this issue. No matter what design tubes are just microphonic but from what I have read and observed there two kinds
    one is the obvious room effects this is helped by various iso type products and I have seen some that help acoustic type as well.
    It what about what is going on inside the tubes them selves
    mid one uses a stethoscope you can hear the music inside
    some tubes just sound cleaner and have less of a noise floor
    even if I complelty remove my dac from the room it still has a level of microphonics. Some say it’s needed and we like it.
    Pleseee help me get other views and knwoledge on this.
    Room built for purpose 20/9/55 ft
    speakers cust infinity IRS V , new caps and LPS , magnets etc.
    mark levivson pre no 26 Amps no 33
    mogami gold mic interconnects , new soon
    digital three cust servers , win ser 2016 , AO 2.20 and cust Linux Kernal for NAS
    player roon server , dac PC HQ player USB power cut at main board
    network isolators cat 7a shielded , LPS for all pcs and network switches and routers. Audio network ips dedicated nas is music and network switch and router. Dacs lampi various