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  • New vacuum tubes for your equipments

    Where do you buy new tubes ? I have been buying directly from the manufacturer which makes the audio equipment. They test the tubes, burn in and match properly but the price is getting higher and higher. There are some companies that also sell tubes. Do you shop from them ? Do you trust any of them ? There prices are usually 50% less than original audio gear manufacturers. Need some advice
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    Upscale audio


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    Buy good SS if you can live with that life is a lot easier.


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      Hi geceon. Are you looking for old stock tubes, which can be found new or near new, or newer manufactured tubes? Brent Jesse sells NOS tubes. I have great success purchasing from him. Although, I have not bought many tubes of late, in previous years I had no issue with eBay sellers. I did check seller’s feedback and asked as many questions as I felt needed.
      I recommend googling tube sellers. Likely, you will find dealers who offer 30 day warranties, or more. Good luck.
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        Brent Jessie, Tube Depot, Upscale Audio, Vintage Tube Services, Tube World are the big ones. No single dealer has all types of tubes to sell, IME. Myles had a thread somewhere once (maybe at WBF?) on this subject.
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          All of the above and I've also had luck with eBay, although one has to be careful. There is a tube dealer in Williamsburg (I live in New York) who has a lot of stuff. I think he was recently profiled in Stereophile.


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            I’ll second on recommendation of Andy @Vintage Tube Services, Kevin @ Upscale Audio, and Brent Jesse for reliable NOS choices, but I have also found many reputable independent valve purveyors over the years.
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              Any online shops in Europe worth mentioning?


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              Originally posted by Jerome Sabbagh View Post
              All of the above and I've also had luck with eBay, although one has to be careful. There is a tube dealer in Williamsburg (I live in New York) who has a lot of stuff. I think he was recently profiled in Stereophile.
              May I have that persons name or company name please i live here too
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              I assume you're talking about tubes for ARC since I see you own the Ref40 and the Ref2 phono. I too have purchased tubes from ARC and they are very well matched, but more expensive. I would have recommended Upscale Audio for the 6H30 Sovteks, but I see from their website they do not sell tubes internationally. I see you are in Istanbul (beautiful city and country!).

              I have bought tubes from almost everyone mentioned above, and they are all great sellers, but I do not know about their international sales practices. In Europe, I would trust JAC Music, but he appears not to carry the 6550Cs and his prices are a little higher than the USA suppliers for the 6H30s.

              I personally like the sound of the SED Winged " C 6550Cs in the REF40 power supply and prefer the Sovtek's in the ARC Ref 10 phono I own. Your only possible source for 6550C Winged Cs would be eBay, but the tube quality and matching can vary. I believe this power supply tube is auto-biased so close matching may not be as critical for them.

              Good luck!
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