Many years ago I had an idea for an article that would "chronicle" the weirdest or strangest reasons that manufacturers received for repairing a piece of equipment.

Since permissions have expired, I'll redact names and only mention what happened. The first story came via a speaker manufacturer who received a set of their speakers totally trashed back for repair. Turned out the soon to be ex-wife had slit all the drivers with a razor! Youch!

Another tale came from an electronics manufacturer who received a blown up amplifier back for repair. When asked what happened, the owner responded he didn't know as the amplifier blew up while he was in the next room. As far as the manufacturer could determine, the only way this accident could have occurred was if someone had taken the top off the unit and had been fooling around inside with the amplifier.

The also, while not exactly a repair, was headed that way. A psychologist/audiophile was counseling an audiophile and his wife who were on the road to divorce. The wife began with stating she wanted to settle everything amicably and just wanted half of everything. When asked to expand upon that statement, the wife said all she wanted the left channel. Bada boom...