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What's One Thing You Would Like to Change About the Sound of Your System?

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  • What's One Thing You Would Like to Change About the Sound of Your System?

    For me it's soundstaging. It's not that I don't get good soundstaging here. The imaging is certainly wall-to-wall with relatively good depth and height (I quibble on height because I know the new Magicos Mk. 2 speakers are superior in that regard). But the soundstage is limited to a certain extent by the size of my room. So my system is perhaps slanted a little to more intimate, smaller scale recordings than big orchestral blockbusters. Now don't get me wrong. Orchestral sounds great but jazz ensembles, small scale classical just sound special. And I've heard a few systems in larger rooms that allows the music to "breath" more. I don't want, though, the additional space to come at the cost of sacrificing imaging specificity.
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    More punch and pop in the system. Later this year I plan to try a more powerful amp, a dedicated phono stage, and a different more efficient pair of speakers. All separately auditioned of course. Speaker possibilities are the gen Magico 1s and 3s, Proacs, and Gamuts.
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      A bigger room with higher ceilings.
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        Originally posted by rockitman View Post
        A bigger room with higher ceilings.

        I would like the same, I could use another few feet for my Maggie 1.7's to really breath


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          the price


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            LOL, agree! :-)

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            I promise not to tell Alison!

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          I'd like to get rid of some midrange glare that flares up from time to time. Very track dependent, but annoying when it's heard.
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            ‚ÄčNo wait, a loudness compensation control, switchable of course. The Fletcher Munson curves are a long established fact. I'd like bass to be present at low listening levels. At low levels what a control/preamplifier reproduces may be accurate but what you hear is not due to non linear hearing over varied volume levels. So is a minimalist design really more accurate if what you hear isn't?

            I'll go further and state that a control/preamplifier design that lacks a balance control, tone controls and loudness compensation are deficient designs lacking utility.
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              When I open my eyes, the musicians aren't really there.


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                Originally posted by tima View Post
                When I open my eyes, the musicians aren't really there.
                That's not always a bad thing you know


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                  Originally posted by JackD201 View Post

                  That's not always a bad thing you know

                  Yeah, if you don't watch 'em, they'll fart and eat your food.

                  But methinks we have different tastes in music. la dee do da

                  Renee Fleming

                  Yuja Wang


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                    The little black dress and stripper pumps. Makes you wonder if the walk across the stage is the best part of the performance. All the guys in the picture appear as if they think so.

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                    Given the current crop of Pop Divas I'd say she looks rather tame....but I'll bet she's more talented.

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                    Well, she's not Arthur Rubenstein but, still, her Rachmaninov is popular.

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                  After reconsideration, a loudness compensation control.

                  ‚ÄčThe Fletcher Munson curves are a long established fact. I'd like a better representation of bass at lower listening levels and tone controls by themselves do not accurately reflect the Fletcher Munson curves. While what a control/pre amplifier reproduces at low volume levels may be more accurate from an electronic signal standpoint, what is heard is not. Which is one reason (of many) why the music seems to become more alive once appropriate volume levels are reached for a given recording.

                  A loudness compensation control. IMO a design lacking that is lacking in utility and is therefore a deficient design.