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Two good budget products

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  • Two good budget products

    1. Bluesound Node 2i
    2. MoFi Studiophono phonostage

    Been using both of these in my system and I'm very impressed with the sound quality and the multiple user options of both. If this what the majority of entry level currently offer, it's a great time to be getting into this hobby/life style!
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    The Bluesound does look interesting, especially with MQA capability. Seems like the heir apparent to the discontinued Auralic Aries mini. Only issues to me are lack of dsd support, and no USB out to feed a USB DAC.
    Steve Lefkowicz
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    • tom_hankins
      tom_hankins commented
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      Although not true dsd, at least it will convert it to 24/192 pcm. Plus volume control, sub out, above average sound for price. Also very good wifi streamer.
      If it had USB out it would be killer. Lack of it is the only thing that has me looking around to replace it.

    • Steve Lefkowicz
      Steve Lefkowicz commented
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      24/88 is the more direct conversion. I copied transcoded files of all my DSD files to 24/88 just in case I get a non-dsd DAC to review. I just keep them out of the library as long as I do have a DSD capable DAC.
      MQA (for Tidal) and USB out would be the big factors for me. Still, i have recommended the Bluesound to some people who didn't care about either of those things.

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    I recently added the Blusound Vault 2i to my main system. It is the Node 2i plus a hard drive for HiRez CD ripping. Really delighted with the sound quality. Streaming works flawlessly, ripping as well, although it would be nice if it was faster. Another big benefit is WAF (or girlfriend) plus freeing up all that shelf space. Not running the vault via RCA analogue outs and internal DAC, but via SPDIF to my Mytek Liberty DAC (another great budget product).
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    • tom_hankins
      tom_hankins commented
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      I came close to getting the vault 2i, but already have ripped all my CDs. I am also using the node 2i as a streamer only now via coax to my Auralic Vega G2. Running it wifi, zero issues.