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A $68.49 wonder from Japan, the FX Audio 01J, the "J" for Japan is critical...

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  • A $68.49 wonder from Japan, the FX Audio 01J, the "J" for Japan is critical...

    This little preamp / tube buffer amp is a gift from the audio g-ds. It's "magic" comes from a pair of 6AK5's, which are sharp cut-off RF pentodes wired in triode mode. You will need to add a linear power supply, name your price, they range from $10 for a wall wart to over $1,000 for an ultra-high quality linear power supply. I chose a TeraDak 12 volt, 2 amp linear power supply intended as an upgrade for a Music Fidelity DAC for $125 off of Epay.
    The Japanese version adds a critical switch, which enables you to toggle between zero gain and minus 6 db's of gain, the latter setting reduces the voltage by 50%. My favorite tubes for it in order are the Ericsson 5591's, RCA 6AK5's with silver (nickel) plates and large "D" getters, which are nearly the same construction as the Ericsson's minus the gold pins, Western Electric 403B's and finally Realistic, Japan 6AK5's with gold pins.
    I much prefer the single pair of 6AK5's over the very common pair of 12AU7's driving a pair of 12AX7's preamp tube compliment.
    If, this were in a fancy case with multiple RCA inputs and the linear power supply built in, it would be back-ordered at $3,000.
    If, you believe the fewer components in your signal path the better, this little gem is for you.
    The picture shows it "taming my vintage MAC 1700 because it has too much gain", IMO!

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    I bet the FX Audio tube pre would be an amazing front to the soon to be released Allo monoblock amp.

    Thanks for the heads up. I have some friends interested in audio but find my investment insane. Probably correct.
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      I had that in mind when I posted about the FX Audio 01J. I have one in my vintage hybrid MAC 1700 receiver, which features a tubed tuner and SS preamp and power amp. To avoid surgery, I used it's Tape Monitor in's and out's. It's biggest advantage just might be to control the overall gain of your system, it has a very good pot, which is legal in Colorado!