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My son's new system, his fiance's first!

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  • My son's new system, his fiance's first!

    Just got back from visiting our son and his fiance in Melbourne, and one of the highlights of the trip was setting up their new system. My son has had his own good systems since he left for college in 2011, so he was used to this, but this is his girlfriend's (now his fiance) first real audio system. She's a visually oriented designer who works for a PR/Marketing company and how things look are as important as anything else. Installation was was slightly compromised due to traffic flow through the room (can't risk having people walking through the patio door bumping into the speakers) and visual concerns. Speakers are little close to the wall but still balanced out quite nicely. The room is a bit live sounding with untreated reflection points on all walls. But overall it sounded killer and they both love it.

    The photo is from before we finished running the cables to be less visually obtrusive. The hockey pucks under the amp will be replaced by something that looks better later.The box on the floor is his record collection that hadn't been put in the Kallax under the turntable yet. It is a small collection now (about 60 LPs), but he has already found several nearby record stores. We bought his fiance her very first LP while we were there (Tame Impala - Currents).

    Oh, the real highlight of the trip was being there in Apollo Bay when he popped the question! They got an AirBnB there and had both us and her whole family on site for the event. How he kept planning the actual proposal a secret from her I'll never know. We love her and her family.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Austin and Aila's system Melbourne 2019 resized.jpg Views:	1 Size:	70.3 KB ID:	121212
    Turntable - Music Hall mmf2.3SE with acrylic platter and cork mat Music Hall Spirit cartridge.
    iFi iPhono (original version) with upgraded iFi iPower supply
    ELAC EA101EQ-G integrated amp (with built in DAC)
    Tekton Lore speakers in special order Harley Davidson Orange (designated as Syracuse orange in this case). They have Tekton's new "hardwood floor footers" instead of spikes.
    Amazon Basics toslink cable for the TV
    Audioquest Evergreen interconnects for TT to Phono and Phono to the amp
    Audioquest Type 4 speaker cable
    Record Doctor V record cleaner (had to get a locally sourced 1000 watt power transformer for this)
    I don't remember the brand of the "Power Board" we bought, but it was about $150 AUD and had eight plugs, and all the necessary surge protection/filtering. Except for the record cleaner, everything else had 120/240 50/60 Hz power supplies. There is zero hum at full volume.

    Their primary digital sources are either their iPhones or an iPad streaming either Spotify or Tidal HiFi via Bluetooth. The Tidal HiFi sounds noticeably better even via Bluetooth. Spotify still has way better "Artist Radio" which seems to be how they listen the most.

    Even with the cost of shipping from the US, it was a bargain. In the US it was about $3500 but in Australia it would have been just over $8,000.
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    Very nice!!!!!!!!!

    It's great fun to be a good dad.
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      Keeping the torch you passed burning, great stuff!


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        When I met my wife, one of her questions was 'what are your hobbies?'. I told her I was an Audiophile. Huh??

        Third date, back to my place, bottle of wine, Eagle's on the stereo. She asked if she could marry my stereo.

        ANY change in the stereo requires her stamp of approval. She has way better hearing than I. She no longer ask's 'how much was it?'. She was my first convert. I'm certain your daughter in-law will by very happy. Let the upgrade path begin.

        Our son just bought his first condo. It'll be ready December 2020. He's already picked out the location of the stereo that I supposedly will be supplying. How dare he ask an audio hoarder to supply a system.

        The little bugger's gonna start life with; Tenor 75wi OTL, JA Michel GyroDec/Zeta/Koetsu Black, Emm Labs CDSA se. Obviously I'll also be buying his first phono pre.

        Rotten kids. They continue to cost us a fortune.


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          The Tenor amps probably cost more than all the audio gear I've ever owned all added up!