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    Oh this is Rega RP6 territory I should think.


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      Originally posted by Bill Hart View Post
      I haven't heard the latest crop, but there always seemed to be a significant difference between a relatively inexpensive audiophile table and a big league one. I'm not going "full Ivor" on you, but what about a VPI Prime and one of those Lyras that are a relative bargain re sonics? Delos?
      It's like the joke about the poor guy who sees a rich man eating a specific dish, and says to his wife, "I'd really like to eat that before I die." She manages to substitute ingredients, and take a few short cuts, prepares it for him and he sits down to dive in with gusto. After a few chews he says, "For the life of me, I don't know what they see in this."
      People (who aren't into hi-fi) seem to believe that "vinyl sounds better" and that you buy an entry level table and you get magic. I don't know- I lived with the Well-Tempered back in the '80s- when there was only one model, tweaked the hell out of it- and it gave me good performance--it was one of those beer budget tables that eventually wound up costing too much at retail, at least with the bells and whistles, to qualify as entry. But, even fully tweaked, when I switched to a more modern, bigger league table, the difference was vast. I'm not one for proclaiming "it destroys the X" or "it's like a Volkswagen v a Ferrari (PS the Volkswagen, in the form of a so-called Bugatti, has a higher top speed anyway), but the differences weren't subtle. And so, I guess unless someone tells me there's been a sonic breakthrough on entry level tables, I'd say, save your money, buy into a better table arm to start with, and you'll understand why some people didn't just discover vinyl five years ago. Hope that doesn't sound pissy, b/c it's not my style....
      And there is. And as they say, how ya going to keep 'em down on the farm?
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        My 17 year old kid has got a Pro-Ject 2Xperience which came with a nice carbon tonearm and an Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge. He has a small Pro-Ject Tube Box S phono stage. The whole package is around 1400 € (fairly 40 times less than my own analog rig BTW).

        When I did the set up of his TT, I hooked the whole package into my system to check it out and I was quite impressed. It delivered beyond my expectations. The kid is happy and is buying more records...


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          VPI, Pro-ject, Music Hall, Rega would seem to be the primary players in the budget turntable market. Oh wait, Pioneer with the PLX for about $700.

          Joe Stalin is credited with saying "better is the enemy of good". A good turntable can be had in the $1,000 range. Of course there are better available at a higher price. Of course there are Bugattis and Ferraris available at a higher price but then there are a lot more Camrys on the road. Maybe at some point someone who started with a Camry may attain the financial wherewithal to buy one. In the meantime the Camry beats walking.

          Likewise stereo equipment, when the alternative is nothing, an inexpensive piece of starter gear looks pretty good. And don't forget that with a broader beginner customer base, more folks will matriculate up the food chain thus supporting the high end in the future, without which support the high end will become extinct.


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            Walking = Digital ?

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            Not in this context. Just means a workable turntable is better than no turntable. Speaking of digital, in low cost systems a turntable/cartridge/phono pre-amp combo is often outperformed by a CD player of equal cost. Yeah, my good turntable system ran a few thousand and is better than my $1,200 CD player, but not four times better.

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 about the latest rendition of the Technics SL1200. I don't know what suffix is used on the latest version of this table but it comes with:

          1) Electronic speed control
          2) Integrated dustcover
          3) Easy to setup overhang
          4) Constrained layer damping of the plinth with good isolation

          I read that these are due to sell at $1700. The tonearm on these tables comes from the same guy who worked the EPA-100, 250 and 500 series of tonearms and they have many of those refinements. The direct drive motor for the cheaper model is not as sophisticated as the G or GAE model but it is still very nice and speed control is rock stable.

          Add an Ortofon 2M Red and you have a nice turntable for a bit over the $1500 price point. It is also better built than most of the entry level tables already mentioned.

          Yes its direct drive but I doubt many of the entry level tables mentioned can stand up to the SL-1200. A entry level user would love one of these for a long time.

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            It's the Technics SL-1200GR or the black SL-1210GR that you speak of Ed. Last I read, Technics was planning a MSRP of $2000 US for the1200GR. Might get to $1500 or less with discounting.

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          I think the Allen Perkins (think Spiral Groove) influenced Mo Fi tables that just came out would be worth checking out ..


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            And VPI that announced the Cliffwood turntable that comes with 9-inch gymballed arm and Grado Green cartridge for $900. There's a race going to make a great, inexpensive table combo now that's not a vinyl grinder.
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              Gasp ... I see a monkey with a hand cranked gramophone playing Strauss waltzes in 2/4 time.

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            When I was selling high End audio one of the primary turntable lines at one of the places I worked was VPI. I sold lot of them. I was always impressed with the fit and finish of everything, how easy they were to assemble and set up. I also was very impressed with their customer service and how well all around NICE they were. The ability to upgrade was a great feature as well. You could easily customize any of the models . I thought they were a great company with great products.


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              Originally posted by trprowda View Post
              When I was selling high End audio one of the primary turntable lines at one of the places I worked was VPI.…I thought they were a great company with great products.
              They still are!
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                I have a pair of 1200GR (use them for DJ gigs) and I think they are awesome for what they cost. The 1200GR gets all the fundamentals right in terms of presentation. It's coherent from top to bottom, perfectly speed stable, and very satisfying to listen to. It's also super easy to setup and you can swap out carts in a minute or two which allows experimentation.

                Biggest weakness is soundstage is small/constrained/lacks definition or "space" but you don't really notice this until you compare it directly to something like the Kronos. I also don't like the lack of azimuth adjustment and the OEM headshell is plastic junk; both of these things can be fixed with a better headshell. Even a $40 entry level Ortofon is a big upgrade.

                Admittedly $1700 isn't "entry level" pricing. On the other hand I can't think of anything else near that price point I would rather own even for non DJ use. I also think that the 1200GR represents the point where you can get a turntable that is really fundamentally solid and without any obvious glaring issue or compromise.
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                  EAT B Sharp w/Ortofon 2m Blue package for 1595.00 would be my choice.
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                    Originally posted by MylesBAstor View Post
                    Under $1500 with arm and cartridge.

                    ​Rega, Project, VPI, Music-Hall, etc.

                    What would or have you recommended to a friend?
                    VPI has the Cliffwood at $900 including cartridge and arm. And the Player at $1500 including cartridge, arm, phono stage and headphone amp. Both tables offer exceptional performance for the money and are better than many new tables at that price point IMHO.

                    If someone or friend could spend a little more, I'd recommend the VPI Prime Scout which retails for $2200 including the JMW-9 metal arm (with fixed VTA tower and a serious uni-pivot arm for the money). Some may offer a lower street price and may also be available used... This is a serious table and suitable for a modest high performance system. I use the Prime Scout with $750 Charisma 103 LOMC with the Heed Quasar phono preamp in my office system primarily for headphone listening. But this is also my experimental system for absolute best sound at the least amount of bucks. I've also added some tweaks like the Dual Pivot kit with my Ruby Ball, Single Wire Loom and Stylus Cleaner. I'm working on reducing motor noise...

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	2018 4 14 Office System with Sanus Racks and VPI Prime Scout Close Up.jpg
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Size:	4.20 MB
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                    I nice thing about the VPI tables is that they can be upgraded over time, preserving much of the initial investment.
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