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    High value/low cost would be a better descriptor. Puts the horse before the cart.

    I've been at this about 45 years. Depending where I was living I occasionally had the opportunity to check out the equipment that received the latest rave review and as often as not wondered what all the fuss was about. Sometimes it seems the more expensive a product is the more the price filters the review. OTOH, I've been impressed with the performance of a greater percentage of lower cost equipment. Could be a case of "love what you can have" but on the other hand I do have acquaintances who trust my judgement in such things.

    Most the time the fabulous improvements described are making molehills into mountains. My experience is that source and speakers are where most the improvement really resides. The last setup I really liked was the Sonus Faber Amati Futuras with the big tubed Mac mono-blocks. Full range, very smooth and non fatiguing. Better than my high value/low cost system but not all that much better.