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  • Sumiko Blue Point Special

    With all the talk about entry level cartridges, the latest incarnation of the Blue Point cartridge never is mentioned any more. Not competitive? I reviewed the original cartridge 20+ years ago and found it properly setup to be a pretty good performer. Have times changed?
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    I owned the original Blue Point many years ago and it was a fun cartridge to listen through. Not in the same league as my vdH MC-10 I owned at the time, but it brought home the music in its own way.
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      I remember when it was one of the go to budget carts, seems times have changed.
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        Who in Stereophile wrote that review sending up the BPS? It was a nineties cartridge, iirc. I bought my sample circa 1997. Mounted to my trusty Thorens TD160C. The BPS was a good compliance match to the somewhat heavy TP16 (mk1) tonearm on the Thorens. No footfall issues with this cartridge mounted. SQ, I finally concluded, was just about average. Regardless of its moniker, there wasn't anything special about the Blue Point Special.

        Above pic; after the dust-rag snag incident circa 2000 February, iirc. I still have it.


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          Ouch on the cantilever...

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          re: Ewwww..... and Ouch.
          Yeah. It's like that naked cantilever just beckons to be broken. Like standing on the North Rim at the Grand Canyon. No guard railing. Over the edge its thousands of feet straight down. And there is this unseen pulling force. Gravity, I guess.