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Remember Stacked Advents? Here's a modern take - Stacked Tekton Lores!

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  • Remember Stacked Advents? Here's a modern take - Stacked Tekton Lores!

    One of the very first high end systems I heard when I was in college was a set of stacked original model Advents driven by a pair of Dynaco ST70s (one channel for each speaker). I still remember the impact it had on my ideas of what a home stereo could do.

    With the Double Impacts spending a few days at Russ Stratton's to hear how they do in a bigger room (short take, spectacular), I decided to set up both my old Lores and the new set I was sent for the LA Audio Show. They are currently wired in series, with the Burson amp driving the lower set and some Nordost Flatlines running as jumpers between the two sets.

    Other than a little heaviness in the midbass (though slight), small dip at about 188 Hz and another at 75 Hz, it is remarkable what this is doing. This setup seems to fit my room better than the Double Impacts, though they don't go as low. I'll have to run them in parallel to use my Antique Sound Labs amp, as it doesn't like high impedance loads.

    Click image for larger version

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    Steve Lefkowicz
    Senior Associate Editor at Positive Feedback

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    Hugh Nguyen


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      Interesting, I believe that they will be a touch less transparent parallel. That is what happens when one monos a stereo amp between the two wiring possibilities.