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    Should we start a thread on speaker wire and interconnects that provide the highest cost to performance ratio? :-)

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      With the increased use of spintronics in cable, signal, & listening room treatment technology to reduce any identifiable hysteresis, EMF from near end or far end, or impedance issues in ferromagnetic and ferroelectric materials, technologies used by Furutech NCF, Synergistic Research, Bybee Tech, Stein Music, PAD, Crystal Cable and others,

      "Spintronics is a field of electronics concerned with the detection and manipulation of electron spin in solid-state physics. This differs from fundamental electronics in that in addition to electron charge, the electron spin is taken into account and exploited as a further degree of freedom with possible effects toward increasing the efficiency of data storage and transfer. Spintronics is a fundamental application in quantum computing. Spintronics is also known as spinelectronics and fluxtronics."

      ... I noticed that some cables have 'noise cancelling' or sound enhancing / conditioning modules either in series or parallel or adjacent to the wires. Has any one added such an implementation / device to their existing cables or speaker terminals and would comment on their cost effectiveness to performance / bang for the buck?

      Furutech has their Nano Liquids & crystal compounds materials, Tweek Geek has some items that can be incorporated called Sonic Tonic, Bybee & Stein Music have several types of implementations also.


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        I'm using ClearDay double shotgun with my Vandersteens......They are very, very close to the top Wireworld in my system. He'll send you a review sample for free..... not associated with ClearDay - just a happy listener
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