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  • Headphones To Be Used Without Amp

    Anyone here listen to headphones directly from their R2R machines? If so which cans are you using?

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    Yes, for my kind of work, and I'm not recommending them for audiophile listening, the Shure SRH 1840's. Very neutral, very studio/pro oriented. If you need to quality control your work, check this or that by plugging directly into something like a deck, and it is not for long listening sessions, they are excellent.


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      Well thanks for that Jonathan, would you happen to know the output value of most decks headphone jack? I want to be sure that the headphones I get don't require an amp?


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        Sorry I don't but I would imagine it varies. I do know the Shure work with every deck and piece of equipment I've tried.


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          I would think most tape decks’ headphone outs would power almost any headphone available today to ear splitting levels, with the possible exception of some of the planar and electrostatic headphones. My Studer A807 for example has a headphone output of a max of 5 VOLTS! That’s a LOT for a headphone - many dedicated headphone amps don’t provide nearly that much output.
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            I wouldn't be concerned with the quantity of output on a tape deck headphone amp, I'd be more concerned with the quality of the output.
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              Absolutely correct. Most headphone outputs on decks are afterthoughts by the manufacture.

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            Any tape deck might be ok given the headphones meet the amps specs. My otari is ok using a few I have. But having said this it's not any where close to using an ext amp. Headphones are more complex then speakers in some ways. Most all don't have a cross over and the imp varies greatly. As such a take deck while is ok may not yield good results. If you have the specs on the tape deck amp specs I could help some.
            if the deck has a high output imp above 2 ohms it can't be used with a headphone who has has a low imp of say 8 ohms. A 5 to one ratio is a guide so 2 ohms yields 10 ohms. The imp mismatch effects the freq bal.
            next is the power it outputs at a given imp headphone.
            also to make it worse many decks and headphone amps put a series resistor in series with the output. It's used for protection. My mytek had one lol. This kills dynamics. I had them bypass mine at there place in Brooklyn. Nice people. The look on there face after this was done was funny.
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