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Reviewer Loses Headphone Virginity!

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    The customizing just like a home system. When you order this product you pick the wood finish, metal or plastic, silver or no silver cables, custom designs, and connectors. You make it your own. Now lets imagine you like a designer like Wilson Audio but you would like a few little changes in the sound to suite your personal taste. Now you go to one of there locations and listen to your music with there basic tuning and sound. In front of you is a box with level and crossover adjustments. You play and move them till it is the sound YOU want. They copy all of the numbers down and make a custome crossover just for you and load different value resistors for you. One ear have a different curve than the other, no problem and maybe for the first time you will hear balanced sound. This is the future and you can take them with you anywhere. Here is a like if you want to see them.

    This is the customizing section.!/id/4

    Maybe you can tell after 45 years of being a home audiophile where my direction has headed the last few years. I grew up with the Levinson HQD system in my house, IMF, Spendor and sooooooooooo many systems and this is where I have graduated too.


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      Isnt it a little dangerous not being able to hear ANY environmental sounds, even loud ones?

      YES. When I wear them I am very aware of what is going on around me. Many years ago I went to the McIntosh factory and spent time in there anechoic chamber and that is the kind of quiet you get. With no background noise it equals more details and a heighten sense of details. But the plus is when your wife is talking you hear the perfect amount of sound.


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        CTA Says Headphones To Be The Most Popular Gift For Holiday 2016
        CTA Says Headphones To Be The Most Popular Gift For Holiday 2016According to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), more consumers than ever plan to give technology gifts this season. CTA says that 68 percent, or roughly 170 million people – plan to buy technology gifts this holiday season, a six percent increase over last year, according to the latest annual research from the CTA. The 23rd Annual Consumer Technology Holiday Purchase Patterns Study shows emerging technologies including drones, virtual reality and wearables will pervade holiday wish lists this year. According to CTA's holiday retail forecast, spending on tech will increase 3.1 percent to reach $36.05 billion during the 2016 holiday season. The forecast also shows overall retail sales in November and December, excluding gas and restaurant sales, are expected to increase a strong 3.8 percent to $824.8 billion year over year. CTA estimates total online holiday sales will grow by 16.4 percent to $84.2 billion, while online sales through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets will grow by 45.2 percent to $20.1 billion. CTA's study found more than half (57 percent, up two percentage points) of consumers are likely to shop for tech online this year. Physical stores remain the main source of tech gift purchases, with 74 percent of consumers likely to purchase from a brick-and-mortar location – down three percentage points from last year. Once again, CTA expects headphones (40 percent) to be the most popular tech gift given this year, driven in part by tech industry movement toward wireless audio devices. The 23rd Annual Consumer Technology Holiday Purchase Patterns Study was designed and formulated by CTA Market Research. CTA fielded the survey in September 2016 using a telephone sample of 1,005 U.S. adults (18+).


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          New add from Disney and Apple about the future of audio.

          You can read what they say about us home audiophiles and it is very true.


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            I love the immersive, solitary quality of headphone listening. Plus, you can crank ‘em up without getting dirty looks from your mother-in-law.
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              I own a few for the same reason we have varying taste in speakers. Varying views into the sound scape. At one time I was headphones only for a few years as I was building my current place. Now that my place is up and running it seems my speakers are way above the headphones.
              When the room is done soon I hope I'll be revisiting the headphone systems again.
              As for playing loud st night I spent plenty to isolate my place I can play loud at any hour and not disturb my Tenent's above me. Only makes tiny ripples in the fish tank im told lol.
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