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Custom IEMs: Do own a pair? Are you CIEM curious? What's your favorite CIEM?

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  • Custom IEMs: Do own a pair? Are you CIEM curious? What's your favorite CIEM?

    I haven't seen much on this topic here at . So, I'm offering this post.

    I own a pair of Shure SE 535 reshells, SE 535 IEMs that were reshelled by InEarZ to CIEMs. I like these a lot. As a matter of fact, rather than ever buying another pair of closed back headphones, I'll invest in another pair of "Customs". I'm very sure my next audio purchase will be another set of CIEMs. To me the comfort and isolation of Custom In Ear Monitors are so superior to those of Universal In Ear Monitors, earphones, that the cost is more than justified. I'd have to say any CIEM that has proper fit and a pleasing sound signature to the owner is a bargain at any price. They just sound that good! They really do offer a "just me and my music" experience that can't be had at a lower cost.

    So, if you own a pair of CIEMs, what do you own? If you've owned several, which were/are your favorites? Are you looking into it? Any thing else?

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    Wow is this the wrong place for this post lol.
    But I do own a few pairs and at one time owned 11 pairs
    custom is the way to go no doubt the iniversals are to much work to make sound right. I had bags of tipp.
    Foamies and silicone
    as for types I have a few pairs left.
    Jh 13 pro freak phase
    jh 16 pro the one paired with there amp dac freak phase
    UM the one with there amp dac too
    sold the Roxanne’s too mid reassessed
    two piars from
    also one pair from fit ear the Asian company
    sound wise they have there purpose shut out the world
    lobe them for the subways
    may I ask what dac and amp do you use.
    Do you use a dap ?


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      I use an Onkyo DP-X1. The reshells don't require a portable amp. While you may love CIEMs for the subway, I have an in window AC unit that is very bothersome. My guess is the Onkyo will get little love as well. But, it lets me stream Spotify. My ISP connection just isn't up to TIDAL HD streaming. And of course the plight of Classics Online is a crying shame!

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      I'd like to add another comment, please. I use an Arcam irDACII and an Arcam rHead in my desktop system.

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    I have had a pair of JH12's for several years. I wear them almost everyday to the gym with my AK120. Mostly listen to books on tape, but sometimes music. I also wear them on flights, mostly transcontinental, where I listen to the AK. Took me two fittings to get the molds right. The audiologist didn't charge me for the second fitting.

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      It feels odd in my homes to use them don’t know why maybe the total isolation of sound


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        I used a pair of Etymotic ER-4S from 1996 - 2008. I always wanted to get custom ear molds, but with my extensive travel schedule I could never seem to make time. Then in 2008 I purchased my first pair of CIEM. I went with the Ultimate Ears UE11 Pros, and still use them weekly, mostly at the office or when I'm at hotels. I've used the UE11's with Headroom Cosmic & Max amplifiers, but today use an LHlabs Geek Out V2+ Infinity DAC / Amplifier. From the start the UE11's always had a midrange that sounded right to my ears.
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          In NYC there is a femail audio dr sorry I can't spell what she is. Anyway she is very well versed and does many famous pro,s dr Julie Glick . Very nice person. She had at the time many pairs to try in universal that can be made custom. UE had a model you customer dialed in for your eras a seemingly great idea. I tried them in her office they come witha box and knobs to okay with . If happy she has them made up to match your settings . You can even make one ear different. In the end I think custom rules but you need to hear ,any pairs or go to headfi and read honest mini reviews from owners . Multiple drivers have better layers . Multiple per freq so as a good one has three like speakers each would have say 2 or even three
          some have ext cross overs to adjust too. This is a great idea all should have a way to do this. They close out the outside world by about 20 to as high as 30db. It's all how they fit your ears and what they are made of. It's not the part that goes into your ear that gives this high level of isolation it's hiw well it fits in the area around your ear canal this gives the real ISO .