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    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    Interesting development - another novelty for the easily impressed and undereducated - It (the sound) will probably be fine for the local news and everyday sitcoms, but no way will it suffice for movies and theatrical presentations...looking at Amazon, a 65" A1 is going to be $5K and a 77" is $20K...Go figure...Neither are adequate for movies by any stretch...I'll stick with my big rig and JVC projector & 145" picture thank you...
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      They make speakers that can be conceled in ceilings that are plastered and painted. They sound oh not so good lol but for those that don't know great sound but just spent 30million on a duplex who are we to care.
      I have a 65 inch magnolia series plasma exp shit at the time. The sound is ok for a tv but nothing like our hi end audio. Now using the surface of the TV for the highs and mids facing directly at us seems like a great concept alone.
      My two cents.
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        For years, I viewed TV shows and movies on a nice 60" Pioneer Kuro plasma. Great color and depth with fantastic blacks. But after having seen movies on a friend's 100" projector screen that was not even 1080p made me realize that, in the case of movies, size does matter. I appreciate that not everyone has the room or inclination to put up a projector and screen in their home and all the ancillary stuff you have to buy (processors, amplifiers, extra speakers, wiring) but IMO, it's worth the effort. I also have a JVC (quasi-4K) with a 123" screen and ATMOS integrated with my 2-channel system. 4K flicks with ATMOS are amazing.
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          "You can fool all of the people some of the time or some of the people all of the time."

          Thin film transducers have been demonstrated for a few years now and while the technology has matured, any claims of high SPLs especially in regards to deep bass are advertising hype, unless the bass transducer is the front wall of the room or larger.

          I would also view vibrating the display itself as questionable for long term reliability of the display.


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            The article only claims it is comparable to a sound bar. I think that's believable. I worked on a bar (the drinking kind ) that used NXT actuators and the sound was decent for background music. That was 17 years ago.