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SHARP to release world's first 8K TV

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  • SHARP to release world's first 8K TV

    SHARP announced it will be release the world's first 8K TV in 2018.

    I wondering when the increased resolution will finally start to hurt the eyes over long periods of viewing? Sharper contrasts are stunning, but not sure how much resolution these retinas can take
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    Shirley you jest, real life resolution is much higher than 8K and it doesn't make your eyes hurt.
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      I knew it was just a matter of time before 8K would be available. But seriously I thought they (and the industry) would shoot for 16K resolution or 4x 4K, double the pixels horizontally and vertically.

      But the big problem right now is getting 4K movies. And the majority of 4K movies are not true 4K anyway. So as 8K and possibly 16K displays may become available in the not to distant future, there is no true content available now and unlikely to be available any time soon... They (the movie making industry) needs to be shooting (and digital graphics) at 16K or better resolution.
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      • JCOConnell
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        The 8K format IS 4x the 4K format, it has approx. 8000 pixels wide, hence "8K"

      • Joe Pittman
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        Yes, I stand corrected. The important thing is that each new display format has at least 4x the total number of pixels to be meaningful and that it is an easy mathematical multiple. And even more important is for the movie making industry to stay ahead of this technology by having the appropriately higher resolution cameras and digital effects creation/processing to stay ahead of the display/playback technology...

      • cpp
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        8K = four times more pixels than 4K images, measuring 7680x4320 pixels, which equates to a total of 33,177,600 pixels. But whoopie do, no content and $$$ Sharp sells its 85-inch LV-85001 for US$130,000 but only in Japan. For the got to have it computer user, Dell has the new UP3218K, a 31.5-inch 8K monitor for $5,000 US. And something else, do even get 8K you need a HDMI 2.1 connection.

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      Yawn. Let me know when the content improves.
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        More Marketing BS...The Major content providers still rarely supply even 1080P..It is useless and a joke...
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          When I can find an HD source that doesn't show blocky compression artifacts in the dark regions on the screen, perhaps I'll look for some 4k stuff to watch 8k? What a bunch of bollocks! (At least for the next several years.)


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            I have a Panasonic Plasma and like the picture far more than any high resolution LED/LCD etc. I find the current tv images to be layered on the screen instead of homogeneous. Kind of like the old movies where the guy is driving, but you know its a projected image behind them. When my TV goes out, I am going to get a projector.
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              The problem is not the TV to display the resolution its the available bandwidth to be able to broadcast that much data. If they keep on upping the resolution every two years, the broadcast infrastructure will have to find a way to deal with the added bandwidth requirements.

              I have owned a 4K TV for a couple of years now and the only place to watch 4K content, via a broadcast, is on Netflix (or other internet based providers...I suppose, I haven't really tried). The hardware requirements to support 4-16 times the data throughput is going to be expensive. The tallest poll in the broadcasting tent is the satellites. Its not easy and very expensive to expand the throughput capabilities of the satellites that handle the broadcasts.

              I remember when DirectTV upgraded its service to support HD (1080P). When DirecTV and the other providers upgraded their hardware for 1080P, how much future capabilities did they include in the changes? Somewhere along the way there is hardware that will restrict the broadcasting capabilities and 4K/8K will find speed bumps.

              I love 4K TV but thats a lot of data to be broadcasting. Not only is the hardware a problem but assigning frequencies for broadcasting high resolution content takes more bandwidth. I'm no expert on the subject but there has to be a problem with adjacent channel assignment when you start upping the bandwidth of the signal you are carrying.
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