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So I finally bought a 4K TV...

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    Originally posted by astrotoy View Post

    David, my price reference probably is what I've paid for my previous and current projectors, which have been Panasonics for the last three projectors over the past decades. They all were around $3000. Could go higher, I suppose. My screen is a 16x9 format, about 120 inches diagonal. It has been a few years since I have bought a projector - my current model does 3-D, so that will give you a sense of its age. I did splurge a bit with a new screen which is called a dp Supernova, and allows me to see a nice picture with quite a bit of ambient light in the room in the daytime. If I go to a 4K, then I will need to upgrade my Oppo BDP-95. It too does 3D, but I found using the glasses and the dimmer image was not much fun.

    BTW, we don't do TV, only bluray and regular DVD movies. I probably should look at the streaming stuff, but haven't so far.

    Thanks for any recommendations.

    Larry, based on the quality of the Sony projected that I just bought you may want to consider a Sony VPL-VW285ES LCOS Projector. The MSRP is $5k but I am sure you can get it for less than that.
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      Thanks, David. I'll take a look at it. Larrt

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    I was experimenting with power conditioning years back. I put 4 x 47uf panasonic caps on a bridged diode and inserted it into the neutral line of my power feed. It put a veil over the music and did not work for audio, but darn it made my plasm TV picture all sorts of better. It only cost about $20 to make so it was a success in that regard.
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