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  • Vintage bookshelf speakers

    Last weekend I ran into a immaculate unit of Marantz 1030 integrated amplifer from 1973 or so. I couldn't pass on it and now I'm looking for a vintage pair of bookshelf speakers that would make a nice office system. Any suggestions what to look for? I would prefer to stay below $300.

    A suggestion I already had was Realistic Minimus 7.

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    not vintage but I acquired the Andrew Jones designed Pioneer SP-BS22-LR for my office and they're worth at least three times what they cost me, under a c-note with Amazon prime.
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      If you can find a pair that is not destroyed... getting rare. A set of Spica TC50's would be well under your budget and are amazing little vintage speakers.
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        about ten years ago, those little minimus 7 speakers sold for around 50 bucks on ebay well worth it, I know I sold a few pair.
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          I still have a set of these that work just fine. Need to get them out of storage and try them out. Bought them brand new, on sale for $30 each.

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        If you are looking for matching era 1970s speakers, look for EPI 100 or 110. If you find a pair that needs work replacement parts and drivers can be had from Human speakers.
        One of these days I will find a beat pair of EPI 180s cheap and restore them. I still have the 1977 Kenwood KA-3500 I drove a pair with when I was in college.

        I recently was given a pair of old Boston A40s by a friend who I recommended them to when they first came out (early/mid 1980s). Looking forwarded to re-foaming them and seeing how they compare to modern low cost speakers.
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          Infinity Kappa 5 or Infinitesimals are both superb small vintage speakers.
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            Thank to everyone for the suggestions. I decided to go with a vintage pair of Mission 760i


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              1960s Dynaco A25's; Acoustic Research 4x's; KLH 17's or 33's.

              A problem for vintage lower-wattage amps is that they had too much DAMPING FACTOR to restrict bass distortion. Speakers from the '80s-onward with more modern, non-paper cone material may wind up sounding too hollow because of the (older) amp's use of that.


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                The Large Advent. All woofers would have had surrounds repaired at least twice by now, possibly replaced. Original woofs were a 10" cone on a 12" frame, Advent replacements were more like an 11" cone. Original red "fried-egg" tweeters were sort of dull sounding, but may have survived. Otherwise, the extended bottom end is spectacular, and the neutral coloration cost real money to beat back in the day. They sold for $120 or so each, new, and are about the same now in fair shape. Some of us stacked two Large Advents per side...


                • Steve Lefkowicz
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                  My brother still uses his original Advents that he bought in the mid 1970s (still powered buy the Marantz 2230b he bought with them). Has had the woofers rebuilt twice and is on his third set of original design tweeters. My son borrowed them for his last three three years of college. They still are wonderful sounding speakers.

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                  My son has my originals bought in 1973, both tweets replaced once, both woofs done twice too. He found two more on Craigs List, already rebuilt, and how has 3 Large Advents for is LCRs, and two Small Advents for Ls and Rs. He loves them, and he doesn't even give a darn about vintage audio!

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