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Harbeth or Focal - Apples and Oranges...

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  • Harbeth or Focal - Apples and Oranges...

    Harbeth vs. Focal - Apples and Oranges...

    I am thinking about replacing my Harbeth m30.2s with Focal Sopra 1s. I realize they are very different presentations and I think I am looking for more incisiveness that the Focal sound offers, though I do love the Harbeths.

    Particulars are:
    Supplemented by a pair HSU Research ULS15 MK2 subs. I will retain these (unless...see below)
    PS Audio BHK 300 monos and BHK preamp
    Modwright/Oppo Sonica DAC
    Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core
    Fidelizer Nimtra Signature Server/Roon Core

    Listening room:
    12 x 14 for near field (20% of my listening)
    Above opens through double doors to an open space living area where I do 80% of my listening.
    Here I sit 18 ft from speakers. Far wall is 36 ft from speakers; open area extends to an approx 1000 sq ft area dining/living area.

    Understanding that Focal and Harbeth house sounds are vastly different and a matter of subjective choice, I have a few questions:
    (1) Will Sopra 1 + subs adequately fill the 18 ft listening position?
    (2) Would I sacrifice LF by going to Sopra 2 floors-tanders and losing the subs? Would Sopra 2s fill the larger space or...
    (3) Sopra 3s for larger space? Sopra 3s to big for the 12 x 14 space? No subs...

    Thanks for any and all comments...

    (The back story is that I sent off my m30.2s to replace a blown tweeter and pulled my old Focal 706V bookshelves from my closet. Although the sweetness, etc of the Harbeths was not there ($750 vs $6000), the Focals filled the larger space with such ease that I was astounded. Much moreso than the Harbeths. I had last listened to my Focals with my old system - modded Hafler amp and pre and no subs. What I heard from the 706s blew me away, despite some obvious shortcomings compared to the Harbeth.)

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    Originally posted by cantorgale View Post
    ...The back story is that I sent off my m30.2s to replace a blown tweeter...
    this is most telling...assuming the tweeter wasn't defective and the victim of good ol' amp clipping, find a more efficient speaker that can stand higher SPLs. It's hard to better what the m30s do best, unless of course they don't play loud enough for you.
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      Rob, telling indeed. I came home to my son's party at way too loud. He is grounded for the duration of grad school...I listen at far more reasonable volumes.