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What’s The Biggest Sounding Speaker You’ve Heard?

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    There was a gigantic pair of speakers at the last couple of Axponas that blew my mind in terms of the scale they presented. I wish I could remember the make and model. Playing Amused to one of the ballrooms. I was stunned.
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      Originally posted by Skylab View Post
      There was a gigantic pair of speakers at the last couple of Axponas that blew my mind in terms of the scale they presented. I wish I could remember the make and model. Playing Amused to one of the ballrooms. I was stunned.
      likely VR11 Ultra........Von Schweikerts.

      or could be the big Gyphons.


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        Yup, the big Von Schweikerts indeed, you nailed it! Nothing I could ever possibly have in my house, but pretty impressive.

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        Altec Lansing replica with Chela wood multi cell horn. I felt like I was on stage with Bob Dylan and Simon and Garfunkel.
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          Well the biggest sounding IME isn't always the best. Also, audio memory plays a big part and the better systems you hear over time the harder it is to be impressed as the benchmark climbs precipitously.

          All that said, I heard the IRS Vs some years back in a large room and it sounded, well, quite large. However the room wasn't treated, speaker placement was more for show and as such, I wasn't overly impressed. I've heard the Arrakis many times in a very good system with a well treated room with the Rel 6 pack and it's quite impressive and large. I've also heard Wilson XLFs several times with matching Wilson subs, again big sounding. Also the big Scaenas and the big Von Schweikerts at RMAF some years back both sounded big but the rooms were pretty bad IMO. So biggest was the Infinity IRS but not the best.
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            Does this count?


            Gave new meaning to the word "high" in high-end!

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              For me, it would be the last series of the WAMM's. Huge soundstage but very detailed. I really would like to hear the most recent version. They have to be amazing.


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                Sam Audio Hong Kong. German Physiks Emperor Mk2/Karan KAM2000.

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                  The "Biggest Sounding Speaker" that I've heard, by far, is Jonathan Weiss' (Oswalds Mill Audio) large horn system in his Brooklyn loft a few years ago, driven by his all custom tube amplification. Knocked my socks off my feet while my shoes were tied tightly on! Now, we can all argue the merits of horns vs. boxes vs. panels, etc., but Jonathan is an impressive guy and he has created something quite unique at the very least, and there is no doubt about his passion. If you haven't seen it, here's the link to last Sunday's CBS News story on him:
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                    I recall being very impressed with the Apogee Scintillas. I heard back in the early 90s. For some reason the guy was willing to sell me the amps he was using but not the speakers. Not sure what else he planned to drive them with as there weren't many amps that would drive a 1 ohm load without melting down!
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                      you def have the rights amps (Classe DR3 VHC). I heard them with your amps back in the '80s and its was one of those Satori moments. I did eventually acquire Duetta Sigs a few yrs latter based on that audition and others.

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                      Yes, I would probably jump at grabbing a pair even today if they ever crossed my path!