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How much salt do you like ?

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  • How much salt do you like ?

    While I a, trying to fond the right balance of sound in my room something has come to my mind.
    Salt transforms food , too little is bland too much it's over powering.
    Bass os the same. On my towers there is many settings to play with.
    Two controls on the mid tweet towers I have nit even begun to touch these as yet. They say top center like I know what that even means lol.
    The bass towers are killing me. I have a bump that starts below two hundred and goes down to 40 . It begins to go down at this point for anyone who thinks they can hear bass below 40 or so well not me . What it does do is find objects in The room. And of course it's felt. Bellow thirty there is nothing to hear and by the way our fat has resonant frequencies so does our hair. Hiw I know this is another post lol.
    Niw the bump is well over 15 DB maybe even more. The room is big but not big enough . I sit at about 17 feet from them. The bump,starts at 12 feet and goes to about 25 feet or so. 25 feet is just too far to sit for me to feel or hesr imaging well.
    The settings on the bass towers are as follows.
    Sound level of towers
    bass contour has three positions it changes the bass curve below 70 hertz
    low pass cutoff used for turn table rumbles 15/22/30
    Low pass cutoff this has 4 settings low , norm , high 1/high 2
    then a defeat that bypass everything
    changing any setting can be heard as well as seen in a sweep they all do something to the bass .
    Now while I am playing or getting frustrated I have also found hiw much salt I like and hiw it effects the sound
    first off I like it salty not good for low end details but if the leather is not vibrating it's not good .
    Addojg or subtracting makes the overall sound very different even more the tube rolling does.
    Mid bass suck out. There is nine for sure what is going on is adding bass moves the sound to make it darker. Less bass seems anemic .
    This is nuts and as I walk the edge of sanity it's very hard to focus on what the hell it should like.
    Any thoughts on this plague . ???
    Thanks in advance. For now let's not go the bass trap or dsp. Why it's forcing things away from normal exp dsp. I have ways to do this I own a dhqx . But feel,it sucks the analog out .
    analog stuff.
    otari mtr 10 2 track 1/4 made new by soren
    otari mtr 10 2 track 1/4 1/2 combo made new by soren
    sota sapphire used eminent tech ver 2 arm
    new sota nova table has magnetic levitation platter and full speed control and latest motor same arm as above
    thorens td124 sme ver 2 arm
    thorens td125 sme ver 2 arm
    kenwood direct drive sme ver 2 arm
    phono preamp Ml no 25 all re capped
    speakers cust infinity IRS V , new caps and LPS , magnets etc.
    mark levivson pre no 26 amps no 33
    digital three cust servers , win ser 2016 , AO
    Dacs lampi various

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    I can sympathize. My inexpensive but IMO excellent speakers extend well down into the 20s, while my previous speakers only extended into the mid 30s. My listening room isn't that big but there is a small entryway and a large French door that open into a larger rooms (not suitable for a system) which have openings or a French door into yet another series of rooms. This lessens most resonances.

    The increase in low bandwidth is somewhat problematic as some recordings are now revealed as bass heavy and some as a little lightweight in that department. In addition the old Fletcher-Munson curves raise the usual problem that without compensation as volume decreases the base disappears as the ear is less sensitive to base at low volumes. Crank the volume and the bass is definitely there. But sometimes for bass to sound balanced the overall volume is too much. Use of tone controls can help, but in general a continuously variable loudness control works better. Unfortunately my current preamplifier does not have one. Luxman makes a couple of preamplifiers that would fit the bill but unfortunately they are currently out of my price range and at any rate I have no way to audition one.

    I don't particularly believe in hair shirt components as my music collection is eclectic and goes back into the 1930s. Thus I desire flexibility to improve the listening experience for less than the typical audiophile fare which at best constitutes less than 10% of my collection. Would it be nice to have pristine well engineered recordings of some of my favorites, of course, but no such thing exists. It's audio, pick the compromise which best suits your needs and desires.


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      At least enough to keep the roads clear without screwing up the environment.