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Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES). Oct. 28-30. Markham Ontario

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  • Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES). Oct. 28-30. Markham Ontario

    Hello fellow Audio Nirvana seekers.

    The basics according to feeble arrogant me:

    Dual Differential (Balanced) amplification devices are fundamentally purer than unbalanced devices. They preserve the entire waveform. No part of the waveform is referenced to ground (thrown away?). Cartridges are true balanced sources. I propose we would prefer a 'balanced' waveform arriving at our ears?.

    Parallel crossovers are typically unbalanced. Gauder Akustik has solved this problem with their symmetrical crossover. They call it 'symetized'?. From what I've read, their speakers are fabulous.

    Jeff Bagby has built a 'Quasi-Second Order Series 2-Way Crossover' (Balanced). Those that have heard it, call it the best.

    I too have developed a symmetrical crossover. It starts as an LCLCLC shunt circuit, and then I balance it.

    I hope Jonathan doesn't mind: From what I've deduced from reading, Evolution Acoustics is also moving away from parallel crossovers, and implementing shunt circuits. Though not yet balanced, those that have heard the MM3 Exact, call it the best.

    I will be at TAVES. I am in room #7216 (Best Western Hotel section). I hope at least one of you will attend.

    I am taking my entry level TARIM 4-way speaker ($11,200.00 CDN, ~$8,600.00 US).

    This is my thinking: if my crossover is half as good as I am bellowing, then the clarity and dynamics of my speakers should easily best any speaker at the show. How's that for arrogance?.

    One of two conclusions will be drawn:
    a) I'm just another delusional speaker designer
    b) I've done it, I've cracked the code.

    Please note: the circuit is meant to be driven by Dual Differential Amplification only. When driven by unbalanced amplifiers, they're no different than what you now own.

    Bill Laleff
    Euphoria Speaker Design
    Listening room of a chaotic mind. However, listening is believing.

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    Room 7216 I will try and drop by to hear the cracked code


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      Hello Garth, I'm hopeful you can make it. If others make it, the following apply's to you as well.

      A quick introduction: for my listening preferences, nothing beats a crossover-less full range driver in the midrange. What it does well, only 2-ways can come close. There's something in the midrange which puts a smile on my face, and no 3 or 4-way has ever come close. Unfortunately for me, their minor deficiencies where the only thing preventing a purchase. I will expand 'minor deficiencies' to include 2-ways.

      I've had the pleasure of owning and listening to some of the best electrostatics and planars available, and they too did some things that I've not heard in dynamic driver'd speakers. Again the same deficiency caveat.

      My crossover has a singular purpose: am I able to trick your brain. At some point do you involuntarily want to reach out and touch the performer. Is the rest of the frequency spectrum in tact?.

      If you make it, don't immediately introduce yourself. Find your way to some of the center chairs. If after a few minutes, you have a smile on your face, then introduce yourself.

      Please remember, this is our entry level speaker ($11,200.00 CDN, ~$8,600.00 US). Our top speakers use the Accuton and PHL drivers, and they, well, let's leave it at that.

      Don't be afraid to report your findings, whatever they are.