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One of the Most Interesting Speakers I Heard Last Year

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  • One of the Most Interesting Speakers I Heard Last Year

    We are in a golden era for many areas of audio reproduction. Never have we had such good sounding high-end audio gear, be it tables, speakers, electronics, at all price points. What was considered SOTA but a few years ago, especially in digital, might be topped by much less expensive gear today. The Magico S7 speaker was one of those products that really caught my attention and hopefully the new S5 Mk. 2 should be arriving shortly for review that utilizes much of the same technology found in the S7. One true example of new technology, in this case for the MPro Limited Edition speaker, being adapted and filtered down to other products in the Magico S-series line.
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    Myles, I really liked your writeup. While it's labeled a preview, it is more in depth and informative than many full on speaker reviews I have read. Well done, sir!
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