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Doppler Distortion in Loudspeakers

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  • Doppler Distortion in Loudspeakers

    A refresher on what many perceive as the number one design feature to improve the sound quality of loudspeakers. Horn loading a midrange direct-radiator is an effective way to reduce intermodulation distortion (IMD) in the most important frequency band.

    In the world of digital audio, jitter has been a focus of audiophile attention for well over a decade. It is blamed for many of the sonic ills of which CD and other digital media have been accused. But here's a puzzle: The major source of frequency intermodulation distortion in audio systems—the loudspeaker—has largely escaped such withering inquiry. Why?
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    the earliest reference I read somewhere about Doppler effect or doppler distortion cited woofer columns common on large four piece speaker systems of the day namely Infinity's IRS and RS. wherein the listener's ears are at unequal distances from the bottom woofer to the top woofer. in practice the result was a certain phasey-ness and time smear in bass frequencies.