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Interview with JBL's Greg Timbers

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  • Interview with JBL's Greg Timbers

    He favors the dynamics you get from high efficiency speakers.
    McIntosh MC452, D150, MCT450 - Klipsch P-37F and PMC MB2 SE -(Wireworld cabling)

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    I'd like to hear input from those who have speakers either designed by Greg or similar. I have the JBL 1400 Arrays in my studio, mentioned by Greg in the article (he says "Array") and I had custom wiring and parts put in them to further refine them. I have them biamped so I can separately control the bass as to sound and volume. I find them so alive and dynamic and "there" it is hard to change. I do know there are speakers with more magical midranges (I have custom Quad 57s in my living room) but for overall excitement and presence and the dynamics of real music, they capture this very well. Like any piece of audio gear there are strengths and weaknesses. But the strengths work for me in my studio. Jonathan (IPI)


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      Excellent interview, I've recommended it to my audio friends. I like how he's just about "human" enough and fairly technical as well. Nice balance.


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        Would love to hear how his modded JBL's sound vs the stock models.