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  • Sonus Faber evolution

    For some reason, I tend to gravitate toward the Sonus Faber sound - a richer musical presentation compared to other more neutral dynamic speakers (relatively speaking). Not overly colored but dynamic and detailed enough for my tastes without any edginess at all. Maybe it is my musical tastes or just wanting a non fatiguing sound, to my ears at least.

    Sonus Faber has discontinued a lot of speakers and changing up their production lines quite a bit. I recently owned the Olympica III and looking for its future replacement. Three speakers that were very popular in the past five years have been discontinued:

    Elipsa SE
    Amati Futura

    They have since replaced these with the Serafino Tradition and Amati Tradition. The Elispa SEs, Strads, and Futura are widely available at a deep discount since they've been discontinued. Wondering how these models compare to my Olympica IIIs and other current models. I'm not even sure you can compare the Elipsa SE or Strads with the Futura since the cabinet is entirely different shaped. Anyone have experience with the Sonus Faber line in its evolution. Newer isn't always better, especially if they are trying to change the sound, which many manufacturers are doing lately.

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    Brian Berdan demoed Elipsas at a few local shows, I think he ran Ayre pre/ power amps and Clearaudio front end. I always enjoyed them, they're never harsh or fatiguing. I've also heard the Stradivari and Amati at a dealer-friend's store, same impression.


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      Many still feel the Strad is the best of the SF line. Even better when paired say with a REL sub. (Disclaimer: my favorite SF is still the Fenice.)

      I'm beginning to suspect amplification is crucial to getting the best sound out of the SF. The only time I liked the Aida was with ss amplification (Burmester and PASS). OTOH, the new Il Cemonese--in contrast to the Aida--sounded quite good at Axpona with the ARC tube amplifiers. So just some food for thought and I may be totally off base.
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        I had a set of Liuto floor standers. Pretty entry level but very nice. Myles is right on about amps. They sang with my CJ Premier amp. When I changed to a push pull 811A amp, they did not play as well. I eventually sold them as I bought a set of Pure Audio Project Trio 10 with the Voxativ mid/high. I like the Pure Audio open baffle design a lot more. They are not only easy to listen to like the Sonus Faber, they have a lot more life, dynamics, openness and air.
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