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Wilson Alexia Series 2

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  • Wilson Alexia Series 2

    Just announced this morning.


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    Teasers are the norm of the day.

    It doesn't appear that Alexia owners will because of the number of improvements be able to upgrade their current speakers. It just seems Wilson should call it a new speaker (the same could be said for the Magico 5).
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      The name may be a function of it price point in the Wilson pantheon as much as its sonic characteristics? There were 7? Watt/Puppies.

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      I think 8 W/P.

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      Plus, v2 will have new enclosures, so no upgrade.

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    And how much more does the s2 cost?


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      Wilson has mastered the staged teaser roll-out. No price, no pics, not yet.

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    Okay, we have Alexia 2 updates:

    Picture, price and news about Wilson Audio's new Alexia Series 2 at The Audio Beat.

    A helpful .PDF from Wilson.