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  • Vox Olympian + Elysian


    How did it sound? Worth every penny.

    Roy Gre
    gory at TAB visits The Living Voice Vox Listening Suite

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    Id love to hear these but the 800 pound gorilla in the room will always be the cost. I was having lunch near the Mclaren dealer recently and they had the new 720s. the salesman remarked that the performance matches and in some ways betters the very limited P1 hyper car from a few years ago which sold for $1.15 mil. The 720 is an absolute bargain at 288K and it looks better to boot.

    Can we expect a Vox Olympian Jr with the similar performance for 1/2 or 1/3 the price in the not distant future? someone if not Living voice should attempt it.


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      There's a gentleman in Germany who did something very similar for himself. Darn his name is on the tip of my tongue. Air something. The pics of his room I can't forget.


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        Oh It's Airbearing. My bad, while there are some visual similarities he says the design is different from the Vox.


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          I had the same misremembrance - thanks for rooting it out. Bavarian Voice 88 ?

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          That's the one Tim

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        I would like to hear them. Do I think I'd like it? Based on any kind of speaker I've ever heard that has a similarity, no, might even think it's terrible.


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          I´ve heard better!
          No really. But it was at Munich so probably not at their full capacity.