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    Who knew they had Quad Fests? Lusting for a pair of 57s? They have a pair!

    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    I love it! Who can identify the amp that's shown on the home page that looks like a franken-designed integrated?
    I guess if you show up at the 'fest' you have to be wearing Jeklin-Floats. And they seem to like pre-war cars too.
    Just goes to show that the deeper you get, the odder it becomes, in a good way.

    PS: is this the outfit responsible for the "spider leg" on the 57?

    If you page through the catalog, they have an image of the Braun version of the Quad-- exceedingly rare as far as I'm concerned, never saw one in the flesh.


    • Rob
      Rob commented
      Editing a comment
      they sell spider legs, I recall passing on them when I was quoted the price. with shipping to the west coast it was a small fortune. IIRC the originator of the spider leg design was a quad restorer in Norway (now deceased).

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    I've dealt with these folks. Although, I was not fussy on their panel rebuilds.. they use circuit board material for the stator-- their reproduction of the front grills were flawless.

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