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OK...I took the dive and ordered a set of Magnepan MMC2 speakers

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  • OK...I took the dive and ordered a set of Magnepan MMC2 speakers

    Unfortunately I don't have the room for a set of full sized Maggies so I have been relying on a set of MGMC1s since they were first released. I bought my MC1s direct from Magnepan when they were first released. They were a great improvement over all the speakers I tried (with the limited space on hand) and I have been somewhat happy until I read about the release of the motorized MMC2s.

    These new speakers are somewhat taller than the MGMC1s and include both tweeter and super tweeter built-in to the planar. The nice touch of being motorized and folding out and back in for usage/storage is a nice touch but I am interested in the sound improvements by the new model.

    I'm crossing my fingers and bought these without having the chance to audition them. My local dealer does not have them on display so I ordered them blind. In a couple of weeks I am also replacing my power amp but I have heard the Parasound A21 so at least I'm not going bling on that one.

    I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for some improvement. They were not in stock so I have to wait 2-3 weeks for the speakers to arrive.
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    I haven't heard a pair of Maggies in years, maybe decades, but they were always fun to listen to and did big spacious sound very well. They are power hungry critters, though, and at least when I was playing with the early era ones, didn't really come alive until you gave them some gas. You aren't flying totally blind, unless they really messed up on that model, which I doubt. I know zip about the particular model, so take my comments for the little they are worth--lot's of time with them in the old days (though I never owned a pair).


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      I read a review of the MMC2 comparing them to the 3.7 and the MMC2 supposedly held their own in comparison. I love the 3.7 and 20.7s and if the MMC2s are anywhere close in sound quality I'll be very happy.

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    I've been a Maggy fan for years. I've owned several models including the original MMGs. I've never looked back. I've always loved what I perceive as that
    "speed" to planar speakers. (yea, I was an Apogee fan way back in the day also)

    I can't imagine how much $$ I'd need to spend to meet/beat my Magnepans!
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      Agreed, I started my love affair with Maggies long ago when I first heard the 3As. I sat awe struck. That speaker threw such a large and realistic sound, that was my target. I ended up settling for the MG2Bs but I loved those speakers for a long time. If I ever get a listening room large enough I hope to have a set of 3.7s or 20.7s.