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Magnepan MMC2 - The motorized on wall speaker with mid, tweeter and super tweeter

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  • Magnepan MMC2 - The motorized on wall speaker with mid, tweeter and super tweeter

    Before I bought a pair of MMC2s I had the original Magnepan on-wall speakers, the MGMC1s. They were very good and comparing them to everything I tried that mounted on or in the wall, the MGMC1s were a breath of fresh air.

    The on-wall Maggies are smaller and saves you a lot of space. The MMC2s are a much better speaker than the MGMC1 and I can highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for the Maggie sound but in a smaller package. All of this comes with a warning though...

    I have owned a lot of speakers over the years and every speaker was not much more than unboxing, hooking up to the power amp and positioning the speaker for best sound quality. The on-wall MMC2 is a bit more work than that. It requires that you locate the best location for the speakers, use the included template to drill 6 holes as precisely as possible for each speaker and then mount the motorized speaker mounts. Yes, the MMC2 is motorized and swing out and back in automatically by way of a DC voltage signal or the closing of a switch.

    Each speaker has an upper mount and a lower mount. The upper mount has the DC motor which swings the speaker out to listening position. The lower mount has a small spring loaded detent that is used to adjust the speaker's physical limit cam. This dictates where the speakers will stop when swinging out to listening position. Each mount is machined out of hardwood and is stained to match the MMC2's choice of wood.

    Each upper mount requires that you drill a center hole where the wiring from the DC motor will be fed into. You have to fish a wire through the hole and down to wherever the MMC2 controller will rest. The MMC2 controller is a black plastic box that contains the controller circuitry that drives the speaker's motor. The lower mount has a center hole where you will fish the wires that go to your power amp. As you can see there is a little more than just hooking up the speaker. NOTE: Magnepan needs to make the amount of wire included with each upper mount much longer. Be prepared with some stranded hookup wire to extend the motor wires. I believe its 18 gauge red and black wiring. You will need enough to extend to where you will position the controller.

    Once you have the speakers mounted with the motor wiring run and the speakers hooked up, you then have to adjust the MMC2 controller. There are two adjustments to adjust the speed of the DC motors and the length of time that each motor will be driven. It is recommended that the motor drives the speaker up to the point it contacts the physical limit, mentioned above, and an additional 2 seconds. The added drive time ensures that you speakers will always swing out to the listening position. It is also recommended to adjust the motor speed to the lowest practical speed for the quietest operation.

    The added motor driven feature is nice and makes for a WAF that few other speakers can match. Once mounted and the speakers are folded back to resting position, the speakers are out of the way and close to out of sight. Magnepan created a nice package but it requires more than your average amount of effort to install.

    The MMC2 is a speaker that does not go lower than 100Hz so it requires a sub-woofer that blends well with the MMC2, or you can choose Magnepan's own DWM bass panels. Once you have the speaker properly installed with the appropriate bass reinforcement, the sound is beautiful Maggie music. It is somewhat amazing what an on-wall speaker can do considering the positioning issues that larger Maggies enforce. The MMC2 delivers the goods and then some without the space requirements that larger Maggies require.

    I have lived with the older MGMC1 for many years, and now the MMC2, and the quality of sound you can achieve with on-wall Maggies is stunning. The MMC2's are not fully broken in but the sound quality is worth every penny of the very reasonable $2000 asking price.

    The morale of the story is this: If you need a speaker that requires very little space or has significant WAF and you very much like the Maggie sound, do yourself a favor and go audition a pair of MMC2's. Not every Maggie dealer has MMC2s setup for audition. You will need a Maggie dealer that specializes in home theatre setups. This is where the MMC2 will likely be available for demo.

    NOTE: The selection of a sub-woofer for integration with the MMC2 is not trivial. Many subwoofers are not good at blending with the Maggie MMC2. Contact a dealer that knows the MMC2 and talk to them about the right low end reinforcement. A properly setup pair of MMC2s with good bass reinforcement is very competitive with other Maggies, even the 3.7i. Magnepan has performed double blind tests with the MMC2 and audience members had trouble picking which system they preferred. IIRC it was a pair of 3.7i's or the MMC2 setup with DWM bass panels.

    ALSO: The MMC2 does not come with the controller. This is an additional $225 purchase. I recommend that you order one if you intend to use the motorized feature of the MMC2. Once mounted you do not have to use the controller to position the speakers. You may choose to manually pull the speaker out to listening position. I bought the controller to see what kind of functionality it provides but I personally find that it is overkill for my uses. I rarely fold the speakers back into their retracted position and leave them positioned for listening all of the time. It depends on your setup and listening room decor.
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