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    I am attending the press release event for these speakers here in the UK on the 8th February 2018, so will give some feedback once I have heard them, I'm sure they are going to be an outstanding speaker, also Alon Wolf will be there for questions.
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      Originally posted by geceon View Post
      A product is only be considered good, if it retains high second hand value over the years. I had bought a new pair of S5 after market search, auditioning etc. and a year later MK2 version is announced. Same happened to S3 owners. Magico speakers cannot be upgraded when the higher MK versions come to the market. People have spent lots of money for Q Line and all of us know it will not exist soon. The old series with wooden cabinet also have the same problem. M5 is a disaster for the owners. The retail price was $90.000 and you can get one for more or less $20.000 after couple of years. I believe Magico is a perfect choice for very rich and second hand hunters. The make excellent designs and even if you buy an old product it is still current technology. I want to upgrade my S5 to S7 but I will do it when the S7mk2 version hits the market. So I get a used S7 for less than half of current retail price.
      If they want to retain second hand value they should do what Audio Note does and keep the same model in the line-up for 20 years - then simply add more versions. I really helps consumers. For example I bought my Audio Note J/Spe back in 2003 and it still sells today but the price today is double what it was back then. So when I sold my AN J/Spe I sold it for 20% more money that I originally paid - in other words I lost nothing (a little inflation sure but had I bought ANY other speaker in 2003 I would have lost at least half.

      Since then Audio Note has had many new versions of the AN J/Spe - they came out with a version with a better hemp woofer and AlniCo versions etc but because they still make the AN J/Spe - it helps all us owners have a product that doesn't lose value.

      And the other fact is that if it was good in 1995 it should still be good in 2005 and 2015 and 2020 etc. They have better versions yes - but the platform is strong. It;s also why I can sell my AN OTO integrated amp for more than I paid and my AN Turntable 2 for 20% more than I paid (For a turntable!!)

      This approach can work for all other manufacturers - just keep the product in the stable - if it needs to be "improved wholesale" every 2-4 years then it wasn't worth buying in the first place. Quality isn't something that becomes second rate crap in 4 years. But that is what is implied in audio gear these days. The Sugden A21 integrated amp has been selling for 50 years with only a few changes - mainly better heat dissipating materials and cosmetics. And it still wins blind tests against the new this week hyped to the hilt amp that will be completely forgotten in 4 years.

      The stuff that lasts 2-3 decades - might actually be worth more of people's time than very expensive technobabble to the hilt products that almost always don't live up to the hype when one stops reading the catalog and the specs and actually listens to the stuff. PS this has nothing at all to do with the sound of Magico - but a general commentary on the way all companies could help their customer's retain value. Magico is one of the few floorstanders I have enjoyed. But I would not like to lose so much value after say 10 years owning them. But perhaps they don't have the space or money to be able to stock the parts for a long duration?


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        I think it would be a pretty good approach to follow as a manufacturer or dealer as Audio Note is very successful - 5% of their business in the United States. As I was at their dealer in Hong Kong three men came in and all three bought $90,000 amplifiers. They sold 200 M6 preamps in a year - these are $20,000 preamps. There are dealers in the US who would kill for sales like that - and that's just one preamp - Audio Note makes 9 model of preamp. Now I am from Canada and When I live and breathe most of my life in North America I tend to get a bit focused on the way everything is from my perspective and what seems to sell well in my area but Asia dwarfs the Western Population as well as the number of people who can afford to buy these sorts of products.

        The Kondo-San and AN UK debate will rage on - On Audio Asylum Kondo wrote a piece and Peter Qvortrup replied and no one seems to post the reply. But from most agreed upon and factual accounts - Peter Qvortrup put up all the money and brought Audio Note to North America - and the courts sided with Peter. His reply noting AN UK's involvement in all products - even the Japanese products. Just remember this - every AN Japan and AN UK product sold in the US was decided upon by Peter Qvortrup - he decided which ones were good enough for resale in the US and he named all the amplifiers. And since Kondo and no one else from Kondo ever rebutted these arguments one has to wonder why? Because Peter showed the courts all his supporting documents and made Japan look pretty bad I should think.

        Having said that at this point it no longer matters - that was mid 1990s - Kondo San died several years ago and any further say he may have is no longer available. They are two separate companies now and can be judged on their respective merits. Here in Hong Kong one is able to compare the AN UK Ongaku directly against the Kondo AN Japan Ongaku and decide whether Kondo San or Andy Grove is the better designer.

        I would not suggest that other companies all follow the same path - most of them don't have the money to be able to do what Audio Note is doing but a following can be built when owners like me can buy something and sell it 10 years later for more than I paid - you tend to become a fan of such things. As opposed to buying most hi-fi and having it drop 40% the next day and then another 20% once the warranty and or the new replacement model comes out. They don't need to copy AN on levels or numbers of products - just keep products in the stable and not to merely come out with stuff whenever the review cycle comes back around like clockwork.

        Then again when people buy $80,000 loudspeakers and $80,000 DACs - money is very low on the list of things to be concerned about. I met a fellow in Hong Kong who owns the top Shindo Petrus preamp, Audio Note M7 (Kondo version) and an AN M8 (AN UK version). So that's what - $250k US or so in preamps. And that's just the three he mentioned. Just preamps. I really think he should consider adopting this 44 year old fella.

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        So basically what you are saying when I read between the lines is that AN (UK) has figured out the business model for selling super high priced gear to Asian markets and other companies should follow their lead. And what piece of AN (UK) gear did you buy and sell 10 years later for more money?

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        How did a Magico A3 thread turn into an AN-can-do-no-wrong manifesto?? Richard, if you want to bloviate about AN start a new thread!

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      ​Alon Wolf, founder of high end loudspeaker brand Magico brought his latest loudspeaker, to show the press just what could be done if you make the decision to invest in building larger quantities....
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        Had a chance to hear the A3 yesterday at the LAOCAS meeting at Scott Walker Audio. They were powered by Devialet amps, in an all digital display. The room had a lot of Synergistic Research treatment too. Also, I've heard that room being a little tubby or muddy in the bass at times, so I factored that into my opinion. Overall, though I haven't always warmed up to the Magico sound as I've heard it at past Newport shows, I have to say it was very impressive this time around. Surprising in their depth and power at the bottom end, huge soundstage, and a totally effortless sense of dynamics. It was enough to make me rethink my past view of Magicos as high-end audiophilia with no soul.

        Sorry the photo is out of focus, took it with my phone over my head to get over the crowd.
        Click image for larger version

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        Also got to hear the ELAC Adante floor standers and the Goldenear References, but in a very different sounding room with all McIntosh gear, so no direct comparison. I will say that the options in the $5 to $10 thousand dollar range have never been better, and all three of these are serious contenders.
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          i like the form factor and small footprint. they dont appear to take anymore space than my LS3/5as.

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          A little bit bigger around, but a whole heck of lot heavier!