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    In college (late 1970s) a guy in our dorm had 901s powered by a Marantz 2325 receiver. Later on he got tired of them, built an outboard electronic crossover for them, modified a pair Radio Shack Minimus 7 (the ADS 200 clones) and biamped the system using a Stereo 70 for Radio Shacks and kept the 901s as sub-woofers. The system sounded surprisingly good.
    Still amazes me how many decent stereo system there were in the dorms in college back then.
    Steve Lefkowicz
    Senior Associate Editor at Positive Feedback


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      Yesterday ..



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        Ha! It's clear to me that you guys don't know about the hidden secrets of how to make good sound out of the 901's! The first rule is precisely that:" DO NOT FOLLOW BOSE INSTRUCTIONS. Now, seriously. The first thing to do is to play it backwards and away from the corners as they suggested. #2 would be to make the eq revision and let me tell you; once you do it is like having a different set of speakers...anyway, who cares? Bose it is, what it is. Just marketing well done but you can make them sound better if you take your time. J Gordon Holt was the first one who talked about this "tricks". I learned from him...
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