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    Have to admit at shows I don't get to visit many rooms because when I leave my room someone is immediately looking for me, ALWAYS HAPPENS, freaking weird!

    So I haven't had much time to listen to Magico's at all, much less for many hours over two whole evenings like I did at Axpona 2018.

    Doing the UHA Legendary After Hours Analog Tape Events Friday and Saturday nights at Axpona 2018 allowed me lots of time to listen.

    The combination of the S5's with Constellation amplification and of course the Synergistic cables along with other serious SR devices from platforms to Atmosphere devices was sounding pretty sweet to my ear.

    As often happens - what am I talking about it always happens - the attendees want "concert level" volume. It was pretty early on Friday when they kept saying "turn it up".
    I must say the S5's had some real slam when you dialed up the power, here is what I heard over the two days.

    Great bass control, in fact I noted less woofer movement than I would have expected at the SPL the speaker was producing.
    Bass was huge but defined and articulate. In fact Julie Mullins said in her show report on speakers over $20K, "There was so much muscle and impact behind the music, you could almost feel the soundwaves several feet away. Bass was big and hard-hitting on “Burning Down the House” from Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense".

    Dynamic Midrange, I thought some of the "soundwaves" Julie talked about were because of the integration of bass with midrange slam, I was glad to read her remarks because I heard the same density of soundwaves too. I was wondering if it was just me...
    The integration with bass and control of midrange was coming together with a slamming realism that seemed the definition of "concert level" visible soundwaves and all.

    High Frequency accuracy, this is a big one for me! I have very good hearing when it comes to highs and some speakers can turn me off with highs as sharp as broken glass.
    The S5's seemed as balances as one could ask for and I never felt the highs were too much or too little, pretty dialed in.

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    You are preaching to the choir here. 😉 There’s a reason I chose them as a reference speaker. Not to mention the S5 Mk. 2 meets the demands of being revealing enough for reviewing yet at the same time satisfying the music lover in me.

    What sets these speakers apart to my ears:
    • Their linearity as a function of SPL
    • Being revealing at low volumes
    • Quietness eg. Settling time
    • Dynamics
    One other quality that is of interest to potential purchasers. Being sealed cabinets, Magicos are easier to place in a room and get good sound. Their off axis listening window is also better than many speakers.

    Remember speakers aren’t that different than tonearms. Meaning: the arm’s function is to hold the cartridge motionless above the groove in order to allow the stylus to properly track the groove without a lot of “tracking jitter.”
    Same for speakers. The cabinet’s job is to hold the drivers motionless so they can properly convert electrical into mechanical energy.
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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