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  • 6H8C tubes

    Hi Everyone

    Im looking at replacing the 6SN7s in my Wyetech Opal and im considering the Russian 6H8C types.

    there are 2 general ones available - the readily available ones with the black phenolic base (upscale audio has these for low prices) and the nickel base pnes, recommended by Brent Jesse. These latter ones are a lot more expensive - in the 250 range for a matched pair.

    does anyone have any experience?



  • #2 personal opinion is that neither type is worth the money. The really cheap ones you described sound kind of bad, and while the metal base ones (the ones with the plates with a lot of holes are the “good” ones) are also not worth the money, though fairly nice tubes overall. Still, I preferred even a “basic” Sylvania 6SN7GTB by a wide margin in my Cary SLP-05. I’m using brown-base Sylvania 6SN7WGT’s in the Cary, and I believe even those can be had for less than $250/pair.
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      I have never used or tried the 6H8C tubes but, I have tried just about every other 6SN7 tube out there including variants. Like the 6F8G which is exactly the same as the 6SN7 electrically but has a different pinout so an adapter is needed. I used these for years as they bested ever other 6SN7 tube I tried. Then I discovered the 6J5GT tubes which are exactly one half of a 6SN7 tube so you need an adapter and 4 tubes, these are the ones I am still and currently using and will never go back to anything else. While the 6F8G's are cheaper the 6J5GT's are cheaper than those... They are the most linear octal tube I have ever heard!!!


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        Great info guys - thank you


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          Jcmusic - the 6F8G option sounds very interesting and an easy swap in with the available adaptors i see on ebay.

          is there a particular 6F8G you would recommend, or are the post war tubes fairly equivalent?