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Has anyone hear the Canary audio C-166 Preamp?

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  • Has anyone hear the Canary audio C-166 Preamp?

    Hi- Sorry it is the C1600 preamp- Looking for a preamp in the $4k used area to mate with my Purity Audio 300b Mono amps-- Very interested in the Canary C-1600 but cannot find any feedback or reviews- Has anyone heard this pre- Also looking at the Concert Fidelity 080lsx2 and the Viva Linea( although more than I want to spend)- Any thoughts would be appreciated-
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    I don't know the model that interests you.

    However, I am happy with my 4-block Preamplifier, Dual Mono, Canary C900.
    So far I have not heard another better preamp, except for a little more transparency with Bent Audio Tap X Passive Preamp - Fully Balanced, however the latter distorts a bit at a very very high sound pressure, the Canary does not.

    I am sure that there must be other preamps that may be superior , but I have not had the pleasure of hearing them yet.

    I imagine that the model you are interested in , should sound very good.

    With the original tubes the sound is good, however if you want to squeeze and enjoy your toy to the fullest, you must invest in very good tubes.

    Good Luck!
    "Every day is a good day to listen tapes"


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      thanks sorry the model is the C-1600 2 box preamp