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Headroom Headphone amp (original $3K model)

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  • Headroom Headphone amp (original $3K model)

    two years ago, I acquired a Headroom headphone amp ( this was the big original model with the built in dac as well as analog inputs MSRP $3K). Since I got it in mint condition for $50 and
    seldom listened to headphones at home, I decided to put it up on ebay For $1000. It sold instantly. To this day I still regret that maybe I didn't put in enough time evaluating the unit or maybe
    I should have asked a little more for it. I do recall it had commanding, controlled bass with my pro full size sony phones (mdr-f1). Ive sold a lot of gear over the years but this is one of my nagging
    regrets for sure. Anyone else have similar experiences?
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