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Dave Slagle Autoformer Volume Controls for Preamps!

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  • Dave Slagle Autoformer Volume Controls for Preamps!

    Dave Slagle (from Intact Audio... was kind enough to provide my a pair of his prototype latest & greatest Autoformer volume controls (see some details here..., which I had installed (by tube guru & fabricator John Wiesner) on my Loesch & Wiesner preamp (line & phono stage).

    This isn't your everyday circuit board but one made with .9999 silver and the traces are cut on a CNC milling machine.

    Can you say "Transparency"? WOW! Never thought replacing my high quality Japanese-made ALPS volume pots with these heavy transformer-based volume controls would make such an improvement!

    Some pics below...

    Kudos to the Slaglemeister! Well done!

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    Once I had heard an Emia silver remote, the lack of transparency in even the best active pre-amps just got in the way too much. I bought the beastie and am living happily ever after. I always thought I would have to give up bass impact, drive, etc. I was entirely mistaken.
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      Have you ever have the original silver ones? I've got the originals and love them. I've seen the prototypes but haven't heard them yet, hint, hint!

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