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Anybody Used the Dirac/MiniDSP DDRC-22A (or other sub DSP)

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  • Anybody Used the Dirac/MiniDSP DDRC-22A (or other sub DSP)

    I'm still in the process of setting the system up --not quite "live" yet, but suspect, in addition to room treatment already in place, I'll benefit from some digital room correction for the subs. My experience with this stuff is limited: a basic Audyssey unit on the home theatre pre-pro which got rid of a lot of boom and, about a year ago, some experiments with the Dspeaker 8033S II (a little woofer only DSP that runs off a wart).
    The trade off --no longer pure analog vs getting rid of humps in the bass is worth it to me, particularly because I'm crossing the subs in low-- say 50hz, with a 24 db slope. Yes, they will still be making noise in the upper bass region, but it will be -db, and the woofers that are part of the Avantgarde Duo can take it from there.
    So, short of spending for the DEQX or other pricey DSP, the Dirac looks like it has possibilities. I don't have an extra balanced out on my line stage (only one, which goes to the Lamms, so the second output on the line stage is RCA type, and I'd need an RCA-XLR adapter, which is never a good thing).
    I'd eliminate the wall wart in any event and use a linear PS that I have. Thoughts please, particularly if you have familiarity with this particular MiniDSP/Dirac unit, how easy it is to program, how it can be used only for subs--i will not run my main system signal through any processing, but run a parallel signal only for the deep bass. TIA, YMMV and Confefe (or whatever the latest in Internet buzz is).