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    Here ya go Allen, I use pro audio Eq's made by Yamaha...


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      Given the back firing nature of dipole speakers are diffusion room treatments on the front wall generally advised (appreciating that every room is different) and if so, what is the recommended placement? I had heard that diffusion strategies for these types of speakers may differ than for "box" style forward firing speakers. Any links to reading material that specifically addresses room treatment strategies for dipole speakers is appreciated.
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        Originally posted by jcmusic View Post
        Allen, Yes for the most part it does, I am using 2 corner bass traps above the speakers, 2 ceiling bass traps in line with the speaker axis and listening position, 2 more super bass traps straddling half ceiling and half wall in the rear, also 2 first reflection zone panels, heaving 9X12 throw rug over a tile floor, slome medium light curtains. The room is also EQed.
        The pics I posted are just of the frequency response later I will post the waterfall and impulse response measurements.

        What do you mean with super bass traps?? are you using membrane resonators? you can't absorb bass with regular panels made of owens corwing, below 125 Hz any of the "bass traps" wont do anything. You need membrane absorption or helmholtz resonators to perform below 125 Hz.
        All the treatment you put is a game changer for sure, membrane resonators would be the cherry in the pie.