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Rebooting Vintage System- Some Turntable Questions relating to Technics SP 10

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  • Rebooting Vintage System- Some Turntable Questions relating to Technics SP 10

    In the process of sorting, packing and disposing of things to move our household, I decided to have restored some of my vintage gear for a "second system" consisting of my old Quad ESL ('57) and a pair of Quad II amps. I'm zoning in on a preamp, but have a few questions on the turntable front:
    I have a Technics SP-10 that I bought new in 1973. This is not a mk ii, so it does not have the more desirable motor/power supply set up. The questions, in no particular order, are:

    1. Plinth- whether the cut out in the plinth for an SP-10 and SP-10 mkii are the same. If so, that means I could buy a good plinth, use my existing SP-10 and substitute a mk ii later. Albert Porter maybe you know the answer?

    2. Arm- I know the old SME 3012 is highly regarded. An early series II (not "improved") may be the ticket here-any input on these older long SME arms would be appreciated. (David Karmeli- are you still around to chime in? ) david k

    3. Arm on plinth? I have no idea if the 3012 will fit on a modern plinth for an SP-10. Anybody?

    4. The Krebs update- The folks I'm planning to have work on my Quad II amps do the Krebs updates to the SP-10 here in the States. I don't know if it is even worth the trouble to have my existing SP-10 undergo any heavy work, other than to check it and make sure it is running properly--the on/off switch doesn't work very well but otherwise, the table got only modest use from 1973 through the mid-80s.

    Keep in mind that this is not meant as a high resolution/last word system- more of a fun, vintage system for the "house" rather than the listening room. I'm even thinking of a vintage tuner, and adding some digital sources to make the system useable for my wife. I welcome anyone's thoughts here-- my call out to Albert and David were to the two usual suspects on their respective topics- SP 10 plinth and old SME arms, but I don't mean to exclude other voices. I know MEP has/had an SP-10 and others may have had experience with the table or arm.
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