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    Originally posted by Bill Hart View Post
    Their big amps scared me, but they were cool looking. I think, at least in the old days, the sweet spot was those 60-70 watt amps. I had several, starting with a Dual 75a (which i still have!), an SP 3-a-1, then eventually upgraded to the SP-10mk ii preamp and Dual 70 mk ii amp. I also had a Classic 60 at one point.
    I don't know why I kept the Dual 75a- but I still have the packing, instructions, price sheet, warranty card, etc. though the amp is dormant (and would probably need a cap refresh, though I did buy a full complement of tubes from ARC before the company got sold).
    I have heard the later Reference stuff and it sounded good. I eventually migrated away from their products. I did think about another SP 3 for my vintage system, though I thought the black/gold was a little garish back in the day, I dig it now-- totally pimp!
    I will post a couple pics later, of the Dual 75a today, as well as an image of a Polaroid (whoa) of my system back in 1975.
    I met WZJ back in the '70s- everybody seemed to be afraid of him. I was a simple youth--(emphasis on simple and youth).
    I do remember some of the really early stuff, there was a 50 watter (or so) and some of the ones that didn't have faceplates. Electronic Industries? Pelpoe? It's been decades.
    You should be fine with caps that were redone in 2004. If you have access to a variac start at 60v and go up 10v every hour.
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    • Rob
      Rob commented
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      I keep two variacs around for my vintage gear, i power up my SP3 and 8b this way instead of shocking the power supply with the usual jolts or spikes you get through the power switch, plugging/unplugging sockets, etc.

    • Bill Hart
      Bill Hart commented
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      I could get a Variac here. We shall see, i will probably see if some dudes here can help me, I want to replace all the tubes (have 'em, just haven't installed 'em), bias, replace the barrier strip terminals- the partitions broke off years ago, and ARC supplied me with replacements. Local guy who does some vintage audio is named, wait for it-- Robert Johnson.