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Welcome AC Records From Poland To Our Tape Circle!!!

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  • Welcome AC Records From Poland To Our Tape Circle!!!

    I’d like to extend a warm Audionirvana welcome to Adam Czerwinski, founder and owner of AC Records in Poland. Adam founded his label to promote the work of top Polish and foreign jazz artists all lovingly recorded in analog on Telefunken and Studer decks. He’s kindly provided our tape circle—through the efforts of US distributor Don Morris—a two reel sampler tape containing selections from four of their jazz releases!

    Members interested in hearing this tape should post their name in this thread. Please make sure to listen to this tape right away and pass it on to the next person as this tape will be in demand!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	44C55AD6-91B1-45B1-AE3B-328FFDC1B89D.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.78 MB ID:	131700Click image for larger version  Name:	EFCB03F0-786C-49CD-9331-F90241FC7FBF.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.68 MB ID:	131701Click image for larger version  Name:	662DD2EA-2272-49AB-B198-E4771510B911.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.61 MB ID:	131699
    Unique soundAnalogue productionsLimited editions Latest albumavailable now on vinyl, tape and CD! View all our records AC Records has been founded and is owned by Adam Czerwiński. It’s thanks to him, that we may enjoy listening to excellent analogue productions of top polish and foreign jazz masters. Adam Czerwiński is a versatile drummer, composer, arranger …
    Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
    Senior Editor,

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    Sing me up please Myles!

    Oswaldo Martinez
    Oswaldo Martinez
    Let There Be Sound, L.L.C.


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      Me too. Larry
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        Include me as well please!



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          I would like to hear them too.



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            I assume his tape is snips so people dont duplicate it.

            fwiw, 219 zi or Polish dollars are about $54 in us. That is his album price for what appears to be a sampler record.
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            • astrotoy
              astrotoy commented
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              Rex, from what I see on his website, the prices (including 219 zi) are for LP (and one CD) versions of the different albums. All the tapes say is 'Call for price'. The prices on the tape labels show $325US for a two reeler and $225US for a 1 mil tape version, both extremely good prices. Looking forward to listening to the sampler tapes. Larry

            • Kingrex
              Kingrex commented
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              Im ok with the vinyl pricing. May try the sampler to see what I like. I just bought 5 album at a local store for $180. I like 2 out of 5. Another is ok. 2 I'm kind of feeling blaaa about. Its nice to know what your getting into. Wish there were more ways to sample before you buy.

              Just to be clear, the albm I bought are not related to AC records.

            • vinylrules
              vinylrules commented
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              I am not sure you've got that right Kingrex.

              If you look at the photo with the playlist attached in the box, it appears to be complete songs as some are between 4 and 6 minutes in length. Also, they sent a two samplers. I think we're going to have a lot of awesome music to listen to.

              Extreme thanks to importer Don Morris and AC!

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            Add me to the list please....
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              A quick update. I spoke to Adam about his vinyl records as well today. If anyone is interested in the cost for the limited addition color vinyl is $54.99 and the standard black is $39.99. I will have the first order of vinyl shipped over with the Production Master tapes next week. If anyone is interested in the vinyl please PM me or email me at [email protected] Note, the prices listed here include the shipping and any duty charges as well to the states.


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                Myles, Please add me to the list.
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                  What a nice gesture and a great way to hear the quality of tape.
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