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Some Saturday Pictures from Fifth Annual Audio Exotics Show

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    Originally posted by chris h View Post
    Besides all the BLING that is incorporated in some of this gear visually I find it hard to believe that it's sonic performance surpass so much other great gear that is out there without such an astronomical asking price. To all who have experienced the event live is my analysis off the mark? IMHO this type of event while fun is for those folks who have are willingness to show how deep there pockets are?

    like anything else, the most expensive gear is only as good as the care taken to fully sort it out, sort out the room, and whole system maturity. the difference with top level gear is that it has a higher ceiling, demands much more time and energy to get the most from it, but improperly implemented it can be worse too.

    whether specific expensive gear actually has the performance to justify it's expense, that question has so many shades of grey and personal taste factors it can't be answered. IMHO more expensive gear generally performs better than less expensive gear within particular types of gear. but there are many specific cases where it does not. YMMV.

    and at the Audio Exotics Show you have cases of stuff being thrown together, brand new not broken in, and minimal system synergy. and no doubt the HK Audio Exotics crowd loves them some bling-bling which ruffles the feathers in other cultures.

    I know how much time and energy it took me with lots of high priced gear and an expensive purpose built room to get it to approach it's potential. a decade. which does not invalidate the performance of the expensive gear I had.