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  • Axpona 2017

    I am coming! Who else is in?

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    I'll be there as usual. Wouldn't miss the show for anything. One of the best in NA! And looks to be even bigger this year than last! Mark Freed and company do a really great job for both exhibitors and attendees!
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      I'm planning to be there as well.


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        I'll be there. My first big audio show. I'm really looking forward to it.

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        • MylesBAstor
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          Bring some walking shoes!

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        AXPONA 2017

        I'll be with MBL as usual in the Shiller Room on the lower level, please stop by and introduce yourself, (I probably know most of you anyway).

        People have already started emailing me about the "Legendary After Hours Analog Tape Events", yes we will be doing them as usual.

        Due to standing room only last year we're starting early at 8:00pm this year.
        We'll be doing the events Friday and Saturday nights till way past your bedtime... as usual.

        I have lots of new tapes this year you'll want to hear so don't miss it, plus something "special" for people who attend the events.


        • Bruce B
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          Looks like an AARP meeting!!!

          Greg and Jeremy put on the greatest after hours show. Others may copy, but they'll never catch up!!

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        I will be going to Axpona for the first time. Probably will be doing some work in the ModWright/Daedalus/Skogrand/WyWires rooms.
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          Can't believe I'm missing it. My wife planned a vacation during it. For me it's my favorite. Close to home, big, and a great city.
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            I am going. I missed last year but was there the year before and really enjoyed it I saw Myles and said hello. I swear he shook my hand and had no clue who I was. lol.

            Bruce, will you be there?

            Ken, it would be nice to meet you finally!

            Greg, I will stop by - looking forward to meeting you too.


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              Wanted to go, ran out of rooms, including Marriott across the street.
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                I have a room down the road that I was going to cancel since I got one at the Show hotel. If interested maybe can transfer reservation.

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              Allen - There is a Courtyard Marriott about 1 mile away. They typically run a free shuttle to the show. I stayed there last year - not bad.

              I will be there Friday and Saturday. Was able to book at the Marriott.


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                Hey, thanks guys! I'm trying to synch up with a friend of mine - if he's able to go, we're going!

                Myles, which hotel is your alternate room at?
                Kronos Sparta -> Trinity Phono -> Trinity Pre -> CH Precision A1 -> Magico S7s


                • MylesBAstor
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                  Hyatt Rosemont. The reservation was arriving Th and leaving Sunday. Th is at a different rate ($189) because they were booked but other two nights at Show rate of $119/night.

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                I'll be there for all three days, staying at the Westin. Driving in from South Bend IN, I hung out with Amir and was his Uber driver last year. Anybody wants to meet up let me know or we can meet at Myles, breakfast at the Westin.